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Lecture #418 by Neville - 06/05/1970

This excerpt from the written workshop contains the Law of Wealth developed at the time to illustrate the rock on which we stand. 

We are told, “the rock is Christ.” (I Corinthians 10:4) “Of the rock that begot thee thou art unmindful, and have forgotten the Rock that gave thee birth.” (Deuteronomy 32:18)


Article I: Take action that matches your imaginal acts when the opportunities present themselves; wealth emerges from your action. Your actions form your security as long as these are consistent with your imaginal acts. You do not have to seek opportunities; your imaginal activity draws opportune events to you. These events are your channels – with the doors open. Your acts open the doors.

Wealth emerges and I rule over it. That’s the law. I determine what comes and what goes, where it goes and how it goes. I could rule as the servants who were given 10 and 5 talents or I could rule as the servant who was given one talent.

As the account goes, the servants with 10 and 5 talents invested and brought about gain, but the servant with one talent hid it, referred to his master as a hard man and was relieved of his assets. Not only was his talent taken from him and given to another, he was thrown out of the household (place of security).

Article II: Manage a system of channels, as many as you can conceptualize. Each channel is a vessel, a container or conduit through which you’d generate greater and greater wealth. Put something into the vessels to get something out.

Article III: Face your emotions and reactions regarding wealth, ideally bringing these into compliance with sowing and reaping. The major reaction to sowing and reaping is expectancy, expecting a harvest; in a constant state of preparedness.

Article IV: Develop vigorous creativity so you’d assure a perpetual flow of wealth, from all directions.

Article V: Be precise and exact in your responses to events and circumstances that have any connection to your wealth. In a consciousness of wealth, every thing you touch is linked to your wealth.

Article VI: Act with authority to maintain a sense of balance regarding wealth. Significant to this balance is sowing and reaping. You must not just have your hands out to receive, but you must give and receive to maintain the balance. This includes investing in ways that bring great gains.

Article VII: Develop deep passion for humanity and for the good of humanity. Such a passion prods you to see each as a mask God wears.

Article VIII: Establish an expansive and open channel through which to flow your wealth.

If you are serious about wealth and you’re willing to comply with the laws of wealth, you may form each clip I’ve provided here into imaginal activity to explore the dynamics of this law, as it is unique to you.

What is your first imaginal act?

Get this workshop and the series: Click here.

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