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Its magic how you see yourself. A launch pad! Your thoughts and words form your image and how you feel when you think and speak give you your flavor. Your self-image validates beliefs you hold about yourself and about your experiences and you use your self-image to create your reality.  It's all tied together very simply.

A book about vision, TRIBES, shows how I view myself my vision of self, as I react to the world around me. The book unlocks meanings of names of characters and locations and I converted these to feelings and thoughts about self.

You ask, Whats the point? 

I saw the impact of shame and blame on my life when it showed my rationale for saying No! to my desires. Common sense, I thought, shame-blame as factors of poor self-esteem are so profuse across the globe. See it closely these are among issues I dissolved with processes sprinkled throughout the book!

Two belief systems - shame and blame - are derived from the first two tribes of Israel.  These tribes bear the names of the first two sons of Israel (Jacob) - whose mother was Leah.

Then to make it more interesting, I share what I learned about the two bottommost emotions identified in the Map of Consciousness designed by Dr. David R. Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force and the two bottommost emotions on my energy lines. These are - dah-dah! Shame and blame. Shame is the lowest - and it was the first.

Youd have to read the book to see how I explored these and the other emotions that keep us from the Promised Land.

In the brief articles about TRIBES, I have shared certain pieces that have come since TRIBES was published.


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