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Time-Space and Beyond

Readjusting Your Time Line

Workshop in mp3 format

The only time is now! The only space is here! Both time and space are concepts man used to reflect distance and separateness from each other. Yet we are one. You will see and feel evidence of our oneness and your oneness with all throughout this workshop.

The objectives of this workshop are simple. You are walking through the time line in your psychological world

  • To readjust the energy and light from your so-called past so these work in harmony with desires you set before you in your so-called future

  • To equip yourself with all that assures your desires fulfill your mission

In this workshop, we move through three drills.

  • In the first drill, you prepare the atmosphere for readjusting your time line.

    • Using the energy of infinite love and infinite wisdom

    • Merging with these energies

  • In the second drill, you position yourself to readjust your time line.

    • Walking up the energy ladder

    • Establishing yourself in "I AM Presence".

  • In the third drill, you make the readjustments to your time line.

    • Observing the full scope of your time line

    • Examining the past range of your time line

    • Making essential readjustments to the past range of your time line

    • Viewing the future range of your time line

    • Moving beyond the future end of your time line

    • Purpose-charging the future range of your time line

Use this workshop to teach yourself to exercise mastery over time.


Purchase the workshop NOW. Download it and prove to yourself that each moment is in your now and each location is in your here.

Time-Space & Beyond Workshop

Price: $15.95



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