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The Essence Of The Spiritual Lifestyle
By Neeta Blair

I can look at the pains I experience and see love energy flowing to them. I can recognize that these are instruments. My pains are the instruments my ego uses to force my attention on myself and to steer me think of myself as a weak and sinful human being. For years I lived with this concept, yet I know I am more than this.

Everything changed when I remembered who I am: that I am a spiritual being. I kept asking Spirit to give me a clear understanding of what it is to be a spiritual being and how to live the spiritual lifestyle. Recently, I got clear and remembered that I am the manifest force of the universe. I found that I was birthed through the invisible force of the universe, God, my Father, the Grand Birther.

I am still working it out. Daily I remember more. It is like recovering from amnesia. However, every little stir brings me closer and I know a little more of who I am and what goes with that. I know I am a spiritual being and the manifest force of the universe, and each day, I conduct myself more and more as a spiritual being.

Each day I remember more about myself as a spiritual being. When I started this leg of my journey, I looked at myself as a spiritual being having human experiences. I even titled my first book "A Spiritual Being Having Human Experiences" when I started full time writing. In the past few months, I remembered this: I am a spiritual being, period, living in a body on this planet I call earth.

It is time to cut loose the "having human experiences" crap. Thinking of myself in this way muddied my vision.

"To have human experiences is to live in what we call sense consciousness. I am here to live in spiritual consciousness and rule over my senses. Further, I am not here to exalt the senses to the level that allows them to have their own consciousness."

On this leg of my journey to the spiritual lifestyle I share with you who I am. I invite you to use the articles in the SPIRITUAL LIFESTYLE section as a springboard. Let me know if any of this helps you to get clear on who and what you are. I can tell you that it has helped me get to where I am today, a manifest force of the universe.

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