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Playing with Energy is my favorite pastime. I enjoy it - seeing Energy and determining if it is as I prefer it.  Energy abounds, all around me all the time.  It is constantly flowing, it is constantly streaming around me - waiting for me to beckon it to me.

In what varieties does Energy flow?  Every type you can imagine and then far, far more.  It is already here just waiting for you to call it into physical reality.

How do you choose to experience Energy?  Do you want to experience it in Love or War?  In Health or Illness?  In Wealth or Poverty?  In Wisdom or Confusion?  You can have it Your Way!  Make your choice!


Several years ago I realized who I am: I realized I am a spiritual being. As time moved on, I got clearer on this, and realized more.  I realized I am the manifest force of the universe.  The manifest force of my universe.  Birthed through the invisible force of the universe, God, my Father, my Birther, I am I.  

Along with this, I realized that I am an energy being - constantly springing out from Source Energy.  I am a vibrational being and I vibrate at varying frequencies, according to my thought and the energy of my thought.

I decided to stop working at it and to play instead.  So daily I remember to play with the Energy that I am.  It's the Spiritual Lifestyle.  It's acting like I know I am a spiritual being.  It's acting like I know I am the manifest force of  my universe.

I use my ability to consciously direct the flow of energy - primarily to make sure my surroundings are joyous and delightful.

This is only the beginning of my spiritual lifestyle, knowing who I am.

Table Of Contents

The Spiritual Lifestyle Series

The Essence of the Spiritual Lifestyle

Springboard to the Spiritual Lifestyle

The Light

A Case for Faith

Shifts in the Spiritual Lifestyle

The Landing



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