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How do I build a consciousness of an inexhaustible money supply?

I do it with images. I permit a vision to form where I delight in an inexhaustible money supply. How does the vision form? It comes naturally after this has been the focus of my thought and talk and writing. It is the natural next step. I ponder over the idea and think about what I can do with an inexhaustible money supply. After the image - watching it and celebrating it, my feelings about my money supply as inexhaustible - as infinite expand and intensify. It goes into my very cells. It fills the air. Another natural next step!

What is your natural next step when you feel the intensity of what you had been thinking and talking and writing about?

For me, I have to touch it! Hold it! Embrace it! And that is what happens when the feelings about your infinite supply well up in you. You get that feeling about your wealth when your focus has been on the higher vibrations. Mixed with any of the lower vibrations "waters down" your feelings.

Just to be very clear: Energy is neutral. You may be focusing the higher vibrations toward wealth but if you complain about someone or something in your life, you in that instant dilute the energy flow.

Consider yourself. See yourself as a single individual. As a broadcasting station. Now with each thought you think and each word you speak, you broadcast ENERGY and that energy goes out from you. Most of the time you do not tell the energy where to go. So it goes out. It just goes out! And it greets every thing that is on its way to you.

While you may be thinking about how awful someone is and how you do not want to have any thing to do with that person - that entire flow of energy is broadcast from you. Now imagine, if you will that a certain portion of your wealth that you had "ordered" is just a few instances from you - right at the entrance to your energy field. But out from your energy field comes AWFUL, STAY AWAY! Oops! There goes your wealth - no longer feeling welcome. Sure, you did not mean it for your wealth - you meant it for the person you were thinking about or talking about and from an intellectual and rational point of view - the two have nothing to do with each other. ENERGY IS NEUTRAL - it just flows and carries the message you broadcast, moment by moment.

Clear on how energy works, let's play with this belief system. "I have an inexhaustible money supply available to me." Let's use the 21/21 Game.

Play with the belief for 21 days. I have lots of fun with this game.

Spend 21 seconds each day where you form visions where you see yourself with an inexhaustible money supply. Each time you see the image, let your feelings about it be absolute joy and delight.

The image will form when you have given the thought "I have an inexhaustible money supply available to me" your undivided attention for 21 seconds. It may appear during the first day of the game. The only thing that would keep the image from showing up is that you took your attention off the thought for even a fraction of a second. Concentration is what you have to do. Concentration and clear focus. You have done this before so you can do it now. Besides, you can direct your mind to do as you say. You will know you have done it when the images start flowing in to you.

Play with this thought for 21 seconds and watch for the ideas and images to show up. Talk about it at every opportunity. Journal your thoughts, feelings and visions.

Each day, I add another feature to the game. That is, I ask myself this question:

How do I feel

about having

an inexhaustible money supply

available to me?

When I ask this question, the feeling I am after is joy.

If I have feelings other than joy, here is how I handle it. Ask the feeling that comes up to me, "What do you need? What do you require?"

A feeling less than joy lets me know I have some empty spaces. It does not matter why I have those empty spaces. What matters is that I fill any empty spaces with the highest energies I have available to me.

Watch the images that come up after the question. A feeling comes up. It may appear as a person - one who had disappointed you in some way. Disappointment shows some kind of empty spaces. It's your feeling so fill it! Fill it with Love Energy - warmth and inclusion. Fill this feeling with a constant in-pouring of right ideas. Fill it with vibrant activity and joyous celebration. Fill it until you feel the joy and delight you prefer.This is one way to set the tone.

Make it a practice to ask how you feel about inexhaustible money supply every day. I do this constantly, to make sure my feeling of joy and delight and great happiness is the only feeling I had when I think about my inexhaustible supply of money. This one state of being connects me fully with my inexhaustible money supply. It also set a path making it constantly available to me.

Being consistent in the 21/21 game insures that the day will come when ANY thing other than indeed an inexhaustible money supply available to me is UNTHINKABLE!!!!

When you reach this state of mind, entered the date in your journal. Still play this game daily after you have reached the point where you just know.

Let me know how it turns out for you.

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