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ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH are energy. What rates have you set for these energies to move for you? In other words, do you have these energies set at the high vibrations or the low vibrations?

The American personal debt picture, which exceeds trillion dollars, is evidence enough to show that a whole lot of energy has been focused at the lower vibrations of ABUNDANCE.

Do you want to see a shift in the national debt picture?

Would you like to see a different image?

How would you like to be part of this shift?

I certainly would!

Why don't we change this situation? I am ready to shift my focus to the higher vibrations of ABUNDANCE. What about you? Would you like to be part of the team that shifts the flow to the higher vibrations of ABUNDANCE?

I'll not go into the numerous media-casts that perpetuate the energy flow that supports poverty. It is not about sending money to support the children whose pictures they flash across the screen. What it is about is sending higher vibrations all around the globe. Those who want it will take it and move forward with it.

Here is the plan.

I start with self and spread to cover the earth. First flood the my own area with golden sparkly mists of the energy of wealth. Golden snowflakes, if you prefer. Then I let these mists or snowflakes gently float all around me so I can capture the essence of PLENTY. I celebrate each time I fill my area with the sparkles of golden mist or snowflakes.

Next I expand my golden essence throughout my neighborhood and then my city. I celebrate as I see the job well done. I expand this golden essence all throughout my region and then to the borders of my state or province. I celebrate with joy! Next, I expand the golden essence beyond my borders until it covers my nation. I celebrate each step. Now I expand this golden essence across my national boundary - let there be no boundary - to adjoining nations and my continent. I let the golden essence spread across the oceans - on to the other continents until it encircles the globe. I Celebrate! I Celebrate! I Celebrate!

We can design our own infomercials to show images where we celebrate the gentle streams of golden essence all around the earth.

Understand that both wealth and poverty are experiences and as experiences they are available to you. They are available to you and to me.

You can choose which experiences you will have. In fact, to have wealth, because of widespread poverty, you MUST choose wealth. Poverty has become the default energy and the default experience. It is easy to "fall into poverty" - you do not have to think about it. It is almost automatic.

Watch this: You can say you choose wealth - but you unleash energy of the lower vibrations. Wealth will elude you. See the section on high and low vibrations in the article Supply Is Infinite.

If you had wondered about the apparent volatility of wealth - up one day and down the next - it is the way folks unleash their energies. Listen and you will hear how many fluctuate between high and low vibrations. Notice how they shift from praise to blame and see which is most frequently given. Each thought and word of praise is a high vibration; each thought and word of blame is a low vibration. Each word of criticism is a low vibration. Low vibrations drive poverty; high vibrations drive wealth. Choose the energy and vibrations you unleash!

No law says Bill Gates should be the only person with a billion dollar income. He developed a product and everyone ran to his door to get it. You know something, many people have products that will draw everyone to them. I suspect that each of us has at least one product that is a golden egg.

Now I believe one thing about Gates. I believe that at some point along the way, he gave himself permission to have vast sums of money. What I know about him suggests he has a consciousness of abundance. He believes in wealth. It is okay with him to have plenty of money.

So I ask you, are you among those who is willing to give yourself permission to be intimate with $50 billion or more? Is it okay with you to have plenty of money? Is it okay with you to enjoy and celebrate plenty of money?

One leading cause of poverty is the belief that someone else should have wealth so you can have something to complain about!

Another leading cause of poverty is the belief that you do not deserve wealth - or stated another way - that people who are rich are despicable. Or some other derogatory description. Derogatory anything produces poverty. Notice how poverty prevails among peoples who are most despised - except when those peoples know and accept their rights and privileges to choose wealth. But even these must rise above to live and move and have their being in the higher vibrations.

So, let me ask the question another way? Are you willing to commit yourself to an inexhaustible money supply? With celebration and joy and warmth and inclusion and with vibrant activity and the constant in-pouring of perfect ideas? Are you willing?

Are you willing to make a firm commitment to this cause?

What happens if you make this commitment? If you are willing to make this commitment and actually MAKE the commitment - you will FOCUS energy at increasingly higher vibrations of ABUNDANCE and you will draw increasingly more and more ABUNDANCE to yourself to do with as you choose . Can you do this? Is this something you choose?

Here are some things I have done. I

  • Made the commitment to have an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Built a belief system around an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Built a consciousness of an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Built a belief that an inexhaustible money supply is available to me now.

  • Expanded my consciousness to take into it an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Grasped it in my mind and made it my belief.

  • Made this the core of my belief system about money.

  • Found that I could draw to me the money I desired as I choose.

  • Found various sources or channels through which money comes to me.

A belief system of an inexhaustible money supply available to me, means much for me. It means freedom. It means freedom and joy.

What does an inexhaustible money supply mean for you?

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