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Those who struggle for money only show they do not know supply is infinite. If you have to go into debt to obtain the desires of your heart, then my dear friend you showed you did not know supply is infinite. Those who try to limit the wealth of others, no matter who they are or the means they use, including the government, show they did not know that supply is infinite.

Please understand, there is no limit on supply or money or any of the goods you can ever desire. Supply is infinite and it is infinitely abundant. It is all around - in the air - every where you look, it is right with you. But you must see it to have it.

Yes, it is so that anywhere from 80% to 99% of the wealth, depending on who makes the report, is in the hands of 1% to 20% of the people. No matter how many hold whatever percentage of the wealth - the deal is simple. Those who believe they ought to have wealth have it.

If you do not have wealth, it is because you do not believe you should have it. Further, it is because you cannot see yourself as a person of wealth. Look, it does no good at all to put your attention on what others are doing - except to get ideas of what you can do. If any can do it so can you. If you choose to do so. But dismiss any ideas that any who allow air to flow through their nostrils have access to any thing you do not have access to. Supply is infinite and that means for you.

Whatever your reasons, your status of wealth will always remain the same until you change your mind. It is clearly in your hands. Only you can change it. Only you can let wealth happen for you - if you like the idea of being prosperous and wealthy.

ABUNDANCE! PROSPERITY! WEALTH! Think of these as energy. For they are!

You are the one who makes the choices of the types of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH you shall have. Only you can make those choices for yourself. Ask yourself, "Self, what types of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH do I choose for myself?"

Energy is in constant motion. Energy moves in streams. ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH are forms of energy. Mere forms of energy. Therefore, ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH are in constant motion and they move in streams.

Energy moves in what we call vibrational frequencies: fast and slowly - also referred to as high and low. Energy moves at the rate you set for it - that is, your energy. ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH move for you according to the frequencies you set for them. High or low.

How do you set the motion of energy? How do you set the motion of flow of ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH? Do you set it moving swiftly or slowly, toward you or away from you? Which direction and how fast? Or do you set it coming swiftly toward you in one moment - only to abruptly chase it swiftly away from you - in the next?

Whatever frequency you set for ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY AND WEALTH in your experience, you do it with your thoughts and feelings. Certain thoughts and their corresponding feelings unleash high vibrations and certain thoughts unleash low vibrations.

High vibrations are qualities such as love, wisdom, joy, vibrancy, celebration, delight, honor, respect, peace, life, power and health. High vibrations increase and expand.

Low vibrations are qualities such as hate, depression, death, oppression, conflict, shame, blame, dishonor, disrespect, separateness, doubt and fear. Low vibrations restrict and halt action.

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