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That spiritual economics differs from the economics of the world systems is evident. Both their laws and outcomes differ. Each day as I learn more about spiritual economics I find it to be among the most astounding information I have ever seen. The idea that I determine my wealth by using my resources freely and joyfully certainly differs from the traditions I moved through over the years.

The laws of spiritual economics are simple but exact. The laws require that I shift my focus from getting to producing wealth. For instance, in spiritual economics the law is that you give in order to receive. Agriculture gives an example to illustrate how spiritual law works.

To plant a seed into the ground means I give that seed to the ground. The seed will not take root and grow into a plant if I keep it in its package. Instead I have to release it from the state I first see it in, in the package and put it into a different environment where it will grow, in the ground.

The ground where I plant my seeds determines what kind of harvest I will have. If the ground is fertile, I will have a bountiful harvest. However, if the ground is rocky or filled with weeds and other growth, my harvest is spotty at best.

In spiritual economics, my emotions prescribe the ground. Pure and clear emotions are the most fertile. Hard feelings make for "rocky" emotions. "Weed" emotions spring up through automatic reactions to conditions and circumstances.

My pure and clear emotions foster increase and expansion and make my "ground" fertile for growth. These emotions promote life and I easily recognize them: joy, praise, love and acceptance. At the same time, restrictive and limited emotions inhibit increase and expansion. Worry, hatred, anger, complaints and fear are among these emotions.

In this section, I am including articles that focus on spiritual law and how to apply it in a number of different areas of the financial world. Articles on Oil Prices, Debt and Mortgages are such items.

I began my search into the laws of spiritual economics several years ago. I studied books, attended classes and seminars and then taught classes and workshops in prosperity. My books on prosperity include:

  • WHAT'S IN YOUR HEAVENLY ACCOUNT, A Guide to Kingdom Economics (1999)
  • YOUR WEALTH INCREASES BY THE HOUR, A Guide to Perpetual Prosperity (1997)

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