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The Next Drama Of Oil Prices

Let me talk about oil prices again! In an earlier article, I talked about how oil prices went up and then down as the handiwork of economics governed by the so-called laws of supply and demand. These so-called laws are used daily by people in the business world in their effort to exercise control. But there are no laws of supply and demand.

Currently prevailing economic practices come from traditions set to create the illusion of laws of supply and demand. Businesses and the government have used these illusions to control the people. That is, as long as the people buy into the concept of supply and demand.

So, what is this thing about oil prices and a drama? Just one thing! The drama of oil prices points out a false sense of values attached to a certain amount of money. The ups and downs of oil prices stage something I need to pay attention to. It is my mirror, but I see it as my mirror only when I look at the conditions it presents through spiritual eyes. I cannot see the mirror with my intellectual reasoning. With my intellect, I see what to complain about or what to compliment.

Do I want to see through spiritual eyes? If I do, I must make an important decision. Every day and with every condition, I have to ask "From which self shall I operate? From my spiritual self? From my intellectual reasoning self?

All over the globe, oil prices have loomed high, especially over the past few years. In 1974, I saw the prices jump from 29 cents a gallon to over 50 cents almost overnight. From that time, the "war" was on. Early during year 2000, the media announced the trend of rising oil prices which finally got my attention. At this point, I made it an issue. The issue distracted me from what I was doing.

A friend of mine and I worked with decrees around it and saw we were on to something. The media announced lower price projections within 24 hours of our first decree. Then a few days later, they announced a spike. The friend consulted her spiritual guide and learned that the spiking represented a rebellious attitude that comes from crystallized concepts when they are being broken-up. In other words, we had introduced a new tone for oil prices. The old tone was still in place.

The lower pricing plan announced so immediately after our decree showed us that we were moving in the right direction. The rise that came shortly after as well as the other rises that followed gave the message: you have more work to do in this area.

On an interactive internet forum in the first half of 2001, I proposed a decree to lower the oil prices. A few agreed to participate and we got some reports of price reductions around the country. And yes, I have seen prices lowered here in my community.

As much as I would like to say this is spiritual, the work we did in the effort to deal with the pricing of oil is work from the intellectual reasoning self. It is still an effort to manipulate an effect.

A price is an effect. It is a value assigned to a thing. Even to decree that prices are lowered deals with part of the effect. It is an attempt to control what others do. Sometimes what they do affects me.At times, what they do affects others in my life.

It does not matter what the government and the oil industry try to do. Sure, they may use high prices as a tool as they attempt to control the people. The media can follow what the people do and report what appears to be a war between those in power and those governed. I guess that's what the media is for. They may be trying to make sense of it. That's operating from the intellectual reasoning self.

Any can take what looks like action to solve the problem. They may set diversions. Diversions which they point at and claim, "We tried to lower the prices, but with these new circumstances, the prices must go up even higher." Any actions they take is action on the illusions. And tell me, just what can you do about an illusion?

So, I ask again, which do I choose: my spiritual self or my intellectual reasoning self?

Ideas about the supply of oil touch people all around the earth. This makes it such an outstanding item and outstanding issue. To use a man-made law to manipulate the supply of oil is the illusion.

The natural state of oil is free flowing. Oil, at the spiritual level, is the flow of love. Love Energy in expression.

Oil supplies warmth and comfort. It supplies a means to get from one place to another - freedom to move about. The warmth flows from within the self. Freedom flows from within the self. These are spiritual qualities, observed with spiritual eyes.

Would you look at what is going on around the world and make a good guess at whether folks are feeling free, warm and comfortable? Are people feeling highly valued? Within themselves? Toward others? From others?

At least in the media, I have noticed a greater proportion of fault-finding and blaming and shaming. They say they do it because that's the kind of stuff that sells. So if that is correct, then to say high prices are paid to stir up bad feelings about self. It appears the same to me. Do you see what I mean?

So you may ask, "How shall I deal with the oil prices from a spiritual point of view?" And I say this: choose! Choose whether you will deal with this matter as your spiritual self or your intellectual reasoning self.

How does this work? You already have plenty of experience on how to deal with it from intellectual reasoning. We express one or another of these positions: "I like what is going on." "I have a problem with what is going on." I show my pleasure or displeasure, based on what I see.

From the spiritual self, I handle it differently. First, I ask Spirit to reveal to me what is really going on. What is the condition in my physical reality that expresses as high oil prices? It is necessary to see what a thing is. When a condition seems to cause displeasure, it suggests that something is missing or lacking.

With intellectual reasoning, I am so busy looking at how a thing bothers me at a personal level, I do not see what the problem is. I do not readily see what is really missing or lacking. I do not see how the energies expressed are out of balance with the intent.

Sure this thing brings to the limelight how the government and oil industry may be working together to maintain the tradition where 1% of the people have 99% of the money. This is more of the illusion.

That it points out how deeply enmeshed in sense consciousness every one is in and how devoted everyone is to possessing things, this is still part of the illusion. The matter of oil prices is a mirror.

Do the government and industry betray the people? If we say so, they have to do just that. Do they control the people? If we say so! All that happens is what we set up. It is the mirror and the illusion.

Looking at this condition of physical reality with my spiritual eyes, what do I see? What do I see, and more importantly, what shall I do?

Still, the matter of the price of oil is before me. It is a condition of physical reality that has come to my attention. So what does the price of oil have to do with anything? What does the price of oil mirror for me? How shall I deal with this condition?

From a spiritual point of view, my work is with energies and vibrations. I consciously work with energies and vibrations.

The price of oil mirrors how we value warmth, comfort and freedom. Warmth, comfort and freedom are forms of energy. I can think about warmth and feel it. I can think and talk about comfort and I can see and feel images of it. I can think and talk about freedom and I can image and feel freedom. This is how I work with energy.

Oil mirrors how I focus Love Energy, how I express my joy and how free I am with my self. Do I include or exclude? Do I rejoice or complain? Do I let it in or do I keep it out? Freedom or limitation?

The price of anything is the value I attach to it. The price of oil is the value I attach to it at the physical level and it mirrors that value. In the matter of oil, I do not personally set the value, but because it is a mirror for me, it the price reflects how I value myself.

Before I attach a value at the physical level, I set a value at the energy level. How? At the energy level I either let it flow or restrict its flow. That's the value I attach at the energy level. Speaking of oil, I either let warmth, comfort and freedom flow or I restrict the flow of warmth, comfort and freedom.

You may wonder, "How do I restrict the flow of warmth, comfort and freedom?" Worry, doubts and fears are natural blockers. Worry, doubts and fears are forms of energy and operate according to the laws of energy and vibration. Energy affects every thing it touches.

Energy flows for one purpose: to seek matching energies and bring back to the point where it originates all the energies it finds. So, when I release energy of any type, it goes on its mission to seek and find more energy just like itself and bring it back to me in as many forms as it can. The more I release the same energy, the more that energy must work for me. When I release the same energy, the energy "feels" I am pleased and goes back for more.

When do I release energy? I think and I release energy. I speak aloud or silently and I release energy. The energy is my feeling about the thing or matter that I think or speak about. The thing is merely the vessel - even the mirror.

So when I worry about a matter, I issue a command. I unleash worry energy which must be loyal to the charge I give it: to bring back to me ideas to worry about. It brings back to me people who cause me to worry - events and things about which to worry.

I may see the matter I used to unleash the first worry energy or I may not ever see that matter again. What I will see and experience are the forms of worry that return to satisfy my worry command.

When I worry, I restrict the flow of warmth, comfort and freedom. Warmth does not respond to worry. These do not match. Comfort does not respond to doubts or fears. These are not matches. Freedom does not respond to worry, doubt or fear. These do not match and therefore cannot return to me. Only energies in the forms of worry, doubt and fear can return to me when I unleash such energies. They bring me something to worry about. They bring me something to doubt and fear.

The point I want to get across here is that increasing oil prices are among the things that come back as a result of worry. If the price of oil does not concern you, then its presence in your life is not a matter of worry. Keep clear about the point: it's the energy, not the thing, that returns in whatever forms it takes to get your attention.

That the oil prices made the headline news says it is a matter of worry for many - and the headlines, reports, political and executive actions say it is a matter of worry and concern for a good number of people.

The laws of spiritual economics require that I take a different approach to resolve issues where the supply and demand of products, services and commodities appears to be out of balance. That includes oil.

Let's look at economics. So what is economics? Spiritual economics? Economics describes a system to produce, distribute, manage and use wealth. Wealth is tangible and intangible. Wealth is made up of things I have available to me - what I produce, distribute, manage and use for my joy and delight.

Spiritual economics describes what I do with energy. It shows how I use energy to produce, manage and distribute energy in its various forms. I must be consciously aware of the flow of energy when I operate with spiritual economics. Understand that to not know how I unleash energy is operating by default.

How can I be sure I know when I am working in spiritual economics. In the instance I work with any type of spiritual law, I ask Spirit to reveal to me what I need or desire to know. Then I listen and observe - and I take action according to how well I understand what I heard and saw.

Spiritual economics is not a study course. It is true that there are some among us who have already listened to Spirit and observe and have written what they heard and saw. The thing I tell you here: no matter how many books you read or seminars you attend on spiritual economics, you must invite Spirit to reveal what you desire to know to you. The intellectual method permits you to study and imitate what you found in your studies. The spiritual approach REQUIRES you to get your information directly from Spirit.

So, how does oil fit in with spiritual economics and my wealth? How do oil prices fit in with spiritual economics?

Oil, a mirror for my warmth, comfort and sense of freedom, shows its availability to me. If I have oil, that means I am aware of Love Energy - warmth and comfort. Warmth and inclusion. If I have as much oil as I need or require, then I freely and easily include others in my life. I feel free to come and go as I please. This is part of my wealth.

As long as I feel so free and so comfortable, I release energy of freedom and comfort which seeks matching energy - finds it and returns to me in many forms. As I enjoy the freedom and comfort, the value I give it is high - the value matches the energy. I release the energy of comfort, freedom and warmth with joy - that's how I handle my wealth - how I value myself with my wealth is how I apply spiritual economics.

It gets tricky. When I do not enjoy the freedom and comfort I have, I give it a low value and have to do something to make it match: raise the price. When I do not enjoy my freedom and comfort, I am working by intellectual reasoning.

If I enjoy my freedom and comfort, but do not see how this relates to my outcome, then I am still working in intellectual reasoning. The energies that return to me are of the higher vibrations. But if I do not know my outcomes respond to the vibrations I release, I am showing that I did not invite Spirit to reveal information to me.

The price of oil is a non-issue. Just as health and well-being at the mercy of doctors and the medical profession is a non-issue. In health, to set a new tone for vibrant energy moving freely in and through you is an absolute joyous condition of Perfect Health.

We are no longer at the mercy of the oil industry. We are not at the mercy of decisions made by the government at any level. You are the one who controls the flow of oil and even the price you pay for it, if you choose to pay for it at all. But as with health, you must set a new tone. You must set a new tone, release new energies to set in motion a new energy field and thereby set a new condition in your physical reality.

Did you know that if you have just a drop of oil - the molecules and cells that form that drop of oil - the DNA that forms the molecules and cells for that drop of oil, you have all you require for as long as you desire it? Think about that for a few moments.

Start celebrating it now! Observe images of the oil expanding and increasing to meet your every requirement. Celebrate it with great joy!

The price of oil is but one condition of physical reality presented to us daily. Each condition of physical reality is a vessel we can use to put into practice what we learn from Spirit. We do the work we are here to do. We fulfill our purpose and make this our playground.

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