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The Drama Of Oil Prices

Let's talk about those oil prices! Prices up! 

They went up and then down. 

Yes, the prices went up and down constantly over the past 12 months. 

All over the globe, oil prices loomed high.  That the prices were higher than ever made it an issue.  This issue distracted the people and kept them off course. The idea of high prices is a tool the government and the oil industry used to control the people.  The control is evident in the media where the people, thinking they had voice, protested and looked to the government to do something about it.  Officials took what looked like action to solve the problem to quiet the people. Then they set other diversions.  Diversions they pointed to and claimed, "We tried to lower the prices, but with these new circumstances, the prices must go up even higher."

Oil is a natural product. It is a product of the earth.  Yet its supply was manipulated in ways that created an illusion of imbalances.  It was handled to cause it to appear as though imbalances existed in the supply and demand of oil. Yet, these were not real imbalances.

As long as the people believed the supply and demand of oil were imbalanced, they rushed to get their share, thinking there would not be enough.  When the people believed oil was in short supply they willingly paid any price for it.  This put more money into the coffers of the government and the oil industry.  By this means, the system attempted to maintain the tradition where 1% of the people have 99% of the money.

The world system is deeply enmeshed in sense consciousness and a devotion to possessing things.  This includes the government and the officials elected and hired.  It also includes the industries, businesses and various related institutions.  The matter of oil prices is but one symptom.  

A devotion to things and material possessions strongly impels people caught up in its web to manipulate anyone and anything to constantly shift the balance of supply and demand of commodities, oil included.  It caused betrayals of the people by the government and industry.  This happened in spite of the fact that the people who paid the price... the people paid and paid and paid and made the government and industry rich.

The laws of spiritual economics required me to take a different approach to resolve issues where the supply and demand of products, services and commodities appeared to be out of balance.  One thing I had to do was change my focus.  When I focused on the imbalances and the betrayal, I released energy to support such conditions. I set up paths for more imbalance and betrayal. If I focused on the manipulation, I released the energy of manipulation. I actually cleared paths for being exploited. With this kind of focus I invited more imbalances, betrayals and exploitation. 

One way to comply with the laws of spiritual economics is to go on a mission to move beyond the illusions of the so-called imbalances.  I scripted a recipe of actions.  Let’s look at my mission. 

My mission calls for me to first know who I am.  I have to know who I am if I am going to do anything about these illusions.  If I still think of myself as a mere human being, I am still focused in sense and material consciousness and all I can do is murmur and complain about what I see and don't see.

I am a spiritual being.  That's who I am.  I am the manifest force of the universe, constantly rising out of the invisible force of the universe.  My actions must match the law of the invisible force of the universe.  This is the only law I can go by.  This is the only law I can use.  And it is the law I must use now.

Any other methods are useless.  For my actions to match the law of the invisible force of the universe, I have to act upon the universe.  In other words, I have to release vibrations.  That's all that I do: unleash energies that dismiss the illusions of imbalance.

On my mission I call forth the energies that build and increase oil.  Oil is but one object in the spiritual kingdom.  Oil is but one object that becomes manifest as I act upon the universe.  Oil, as do I, comes forth through the invisible force of the universe.  However, oil is an object, a thing over which I have control.  Oil does not rule or control.  I, as a manifest force of the universe, rule over oil.  I rule over the flow of oil, its expansion and increase.  I permit oil to expand, increase and flow.

My mission calls for me to fulfill my role as ruler over all the elements of the earth. So I must be in tune with myself as the ruler I am.  I rule by focusing my energies.

What energies shall I focus today? What needs to happen? Since my concern is about oil and its availability to the people, the thought occurs to me that I need to bring things into right order.  That the oil is priced as it is means that some things are out of order.  The high prices are symptoms of the disorder.

Not only are the prices symptoms of disorder, also, they show that confusion about identities exists.  People are confused about who they are.  The government and officials of the oil industry are just as confused as are the general public.  That one attempts to delude the other is evidence of the confusion.  

However, I will not entertain delusions about the people.  The illusion of manipulation and betrayal makes the people look like victims of the government and the officials.  None are victims.  The people chose to participate in this thing I will call a game.  The oil supply and demand game.

In the first version of this article I said, "Right order includes fair prices for consumers."  That I focused on fair prices for consumers was my attempt to solve the problem with a material method.  This is part of the distraction.  

On the surface, the oil problem is about prices, value, supply and demand.  At the spiritual level, it is about something else.  With the material method, the only thing that will happen is a vicious cycle.   The supply is low and the prices are high, then the supply is high and the prices are lowered.  The up and down is a natural process of the material method.

That the businesses make money or the government gets its cut of the oil business are parts of the material method for dealing with the oil matter.  Even that the people have their share and that they can get oil at prices right for all is part of the material method.  None of these actions are spiritual.  To attempt to bring the oil prices to right order and balance has nothing to do with the spiritual.  These also are material.

At the spiritual level, it is not about fair prices or even affordable prices.  It is about vibrational flow. It is about energy.  But it is about the energy and vibrations that replace disorder with right order, confusion with clarity and ignorance with wisdom.

So how would I bring right order where disorder appears?  I know such a thing as the energy and vibration of balance exists.  The energy of balance puts things into right order.  A form of balance is harmony. The energy of harmony puts things into divine order.  Within the solution to any problem of disorder is the energy and vibration of balance and of harmony.

Knowing that the energy and vibration of harmony and balance are within the solution to any problem of disorder is one thing.  That is good to know.  But I have to do more than know it.  What I must do is go the next step.  I must use the solution to bring right order where disorder appears.  And that is just what I do.  How?  By my focus.  

To focus harmony and balance is to think harmony and balance.  It is to speak harmony and balance.  In other words, I think harmony and balance.  I speak harmony and balance.  As I do, I release harmony and balance into the atmosphere.

I focus harmony and balance to unleash its energy.  I focus to release the vibrations of harmony and balance.  When I focus anything, whether by my thoughts or by my words, I point it in one direction or another.  I point the energy into a general or specific direction.  Either I point it all around or I aim it at a particular thing or event.  I point the vibrations toward something.  I focus for one reason.  I direct vibrations toward a thing that those vibrations will fill that thing.  So, when I focus harmony and balance toward a thing, they fill whatever they touch.  In other words, I focus harmony and balance and I create harmony and balance in whatever they touch.

So, what I can do is focus the energy of harmony and balance to bring oil prices to right order.  But recall, I said earlier that this is not about prices.  It is about the flow of vibrations of harmony and balance.  I focus the energy of harmony and balance into oil and its abundant supply.  This action brings the supply of oil into divine order where it always meets the demands made on it.  I focus the energy of harmony and balance into the prices for oil and notice that the prices are right for the consumers and for the suppliers.

So when I focus the energy of balance and harmony onto and into the oil prices, I see this energy flowing into the oil prices.  The oil prices are merely vessels.  They are vessels into which I can direct the flow of vibrations and energy.  Therefore, I direct the energy of balance and harmony to fill the oil prices.  I can see the energy of balance and harmony flow into and overflow the oil prices.  The image of the oil prices emerges as harmony and balance. Balance and harmony become the nature of the oil prices. The oil prices emerge in right order.

I can be very practical about this thing.  Each time I pass a service station, why not focus the energy of harmony and balance in and through it. The service station is a vessel.  It is a vessel into which I can focus the energy of harmony and balance. Also, are the grounds. 

Why don't I direct the flow of harmony and balance vibrations to oil refineries wherever they are located.  I can and I do.  Yes, I focus the energy of harmony and balance into the vessels -- oil refineries as well as gas tanks and into oil tanks in the yards of all who heat with oil.

When I focus these energies in and through my vehicles and their fuel systems I boost their capacity to make the best use of gasoline.  For example, I can expect to get better gas mileage because my focus of harmony and balance expands and increases the gasoline in the tank right now. I can expect the same with the fuel tanks for heating and other uses and watch as they come into perfect balance.

Also, why don't I flood oil fields with these energies. All vessels for oil and gasoline are on my list. Anything that involves oil comes under spiritual law.

How will I know if I am effective? The first thing I must do is prepare for the change.  In other words, expect to see the oil prices change.  Expect to see news reports about the changes in the oil prices. The oil prices are likely to spike higher without any clear explanation. No one has an answer. Then the prices plunge. This is not the time to fret; it is the time to rejoice. The sharp increase and then steep decline means I touched the core of the disorder and confusion and ignorance. Not only did I touch it, I issued a command for it to come into right order. The increase is the way disorder fights back. Oil prices decline to show obedience to spiritual law.

One other thing I will see as the oil industry comes under spiritual law. Oil production will increase all over the globe. In this country and in other countries operations will produce oil. Everyone will benefit.

To bring the matter under control immediately, I use the 21/21 plan. I focus the energies of balance and harmony to oil prices, to my vehicles as well as oil fields for 21 consecutive days. I spend at least 21 seconds each day in the project. I focus the pure energy of balance and harmony. Also, each time I hear mention of oil prices, I focus balance and harmony energy. I work with it until it is my automatic thought.

What happens when my automatic thoughts about oil prices are balance and harmony? I can look around and see the results of my work and play.

I may wonder what is this all about?  Why I should take on the oil industry as I have talked about here, I have just one answer. I am a spiritual being and I live by spiritual law.  I am the manifest force of the universe and my duty is to act upon the universe to make order out of disorder. Part of my work is to bring all things that oppose spiritual law into compliance.  

In other words, my work is to bring things back into their highest vibrations that they may operate as it is intended through the invisible force of the universe.  This is the same as to put all the enemies of "Christ" under his feet. Any time even one person exploits another, that person opposes spiritual law.  My action is to bring all things into order and clarity and wisdom.

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