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This is an exercise for those who desire to release Money Energy into the ethers. Vibrational law says that when you release energy, it returns with matching energy in the forms of ideas, persons, events and things.

Hold Money Energy (cash, check, money order) in your hands.

Speak to the spiritual intelligence and life within the atoms of Money Energy.Money Energy responds to your every word.

Speak Love Energy and Perfect Wisdom to Money Energy.Speak freedom, delight and celebration to Money Energy. Tell Money Energy how you enjoy its presence when it is with you and with others.

When you speak Love Energy, Perfect Wisdom, freedom, delight and celebration to Money Energy you fortify it with these energies.It is now fortified Money Energy.

With a strong energy field of fortified Money Energy, share it. If you like, release Money Energy to persons you care about those who may be receptive to it. Release it to any who will receive it. If you already know of those who are willing to receive it, make a list and form an image of the energy fields of those on your list.

At this part of the exercise, release fortified Money Energy that it may flow to the energy fields of those on your list. See it flowing in and throughout your being, out from your energy field, swirling and moving gently to the edges of the energy fields of those on your list.

Those who receive the Money Energy you released think about it and talk about it.Some may write about it and image it in forms they enjoy.As they think and talk about it, write about it and image it, they unleash Money Energy to flow in and through their energy fields and it flows out, swirling and moving gently to the places they designate.

The Money Energy you released continues on its journey, onward as long as they find energy that matches.Your intensity with joyous celebration as you release Money Energy attracts the abundance of Money Energy to you in the same attitude you sent it.Watch what shows up as Money Energy returns to you in the forms of ideas, persons bearing gifts and favors and cash, and events that distribute Money Energy takes form according to your preferences.

Because Money Energy is in the flow currency it continues to, through and moves beyond those to whom you send it. Your returns far exceed your capacity to expect, for the energy goes far beyond what you will ever know.

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