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In early 2001 I wrote a book, Energy Games as I explored energy.  I reached a degree of clarity of how energy works.  I saw the flow and I saw how I formed energy fields - energy streams.  I noticed how energy always matched energy just like itself.  How what I called negative energy gathered more negative energy and positive energy gathered more positive energy.  

I began noticing energy as it flowed in various areas of my experience.  Among the areas was my finances.  I saw both negative and positive energy around my finances.

As I  looked at my finances and energy, it became clear to me that I had far more options than I was using.  For so many years I had focused attention on prosperity and abundance, certainly after seeing and hearing the works of Catherine Ponder and Charles Fillmore.  I had always been comfortable - always had a comfortable income, but I knew there was more.

So I decided in 2001 to look at energy and abundance and in that choice came the realization - I am on a millionaire mission.  Consciously on a millionaire mission.   In 2002, I gained greater clarity on energy - on how to measure energy, its Perfection and fulfillment and how to easily shift from the lower to higher vibrational frequencies.  I worked with it and worked with it until the day in 2003 I realized I would benefit as I looked at my millionaire mission again, through my increased knowing about energy.  So here we are, with a revised version of the Millionaire Mission.

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