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Why don't I make up my mind today to have a steady cash flow. Why not commit myself to a constant and steady cash flow. I can easily make a commitment to an inexhaustible money supply. This is the one way I will have it.

I have the power to get wealth. It is my God-given power. The power to get wealth is power within me through the invisible force of the universe. This power is within my consciousness.  It is within my being, ready for me to manifest it.  By my devotion to the power within me, money is never an object for me, not ever.

So what keeps my money from me? What makes my money turn to someone else instead of coming directly to me? What makes my money strain so hard to dribble out to me? Surely I am due the many volumes of money flowing to me every day in a steady stream. Great magnitudes of money are constantly flowing to me, yet I tend to get it in trickles.

For every dollar I spend in the consciousness of my inexhaustible money supply, trillions of dollars are stirred up and alerted to come to me. That I may keep the flow going.

So, what will I do to make sure I get my money? What will I do to make sure I have my wealth... in every area of my experience?


I have to take the chains off my money. I am the only one who can do this.  Let me get personal.  I ask of myself, do I worry about having enough money? If I do, that is a problem.  Worry puts chains on my money and keeps it away from me. I must FREE MONEY!

Am I afraid to answer the phone or to open a piece of mail because I may find out about my debts? This chains my money and keeps it away from me. It scares my money away from me. I scare my money away from me.  I must FREE MONEY!

Do I feel uptight when someone asks me for more money than I believe I have? This puts chains on my money and keeps it away from me.  I must FREE MONEY!

Have I decided that I must get my money from my job? Chains!!! If I depend on my job to bring my money to me, then I have layered my money with very strong chains. This keeps my money coming to me in dribbles. Usually when I look to my job for money, I also look at my boss, my employer as the all powerful one. So I focus on pleasing the boss who has great power over me. More chains on my money. I must FREE MONEY!

Does the lottery excite me? Chains!!! I play the numbers and trust in the numbers. All I have here is more chains. I must FREE MONEY!

I ask, "Can I afford this?" This puts chains around my money. It is one matter to claim I cannot afford something and it is another to state clearly that a certain item is not in my budget.


What’s this about budget? How does that fit here with freeing my money?  Part of freeing my money is that I set a mission for my money. I decide ahead what I want money to do. I give it a job. I give my money a mission. Then I watch as the money for my mission flows to me.

What kind of mission do I want to set for my money?

It is whatever I like! Do I want to buy a new car or a new house? Do I want a new wardrobe? What about enjoying entertainment and travel? These are clear cut missions for my money. I can obtain these without money. However, if I enjoy handling money, I can have the things and money also.

Would I like to establish a foundation in the memory of loved ones? Do I want to build a business? Do I want to build a trust for my children’s children? These are all great missions for my money.

If I like, I can even donate money to causes that interest me. Whatever I decide, I can do. I can give money a mission and put that mission in my budget.

When people approach me with their worthy causes, before pulling out my checkbook, I make sure they are in my budget. I make sure their organization is included in the mission I have set for my money. If I find that they are not on the list, all I have to do is let them know. Then I can decide whether I want to include them.

This is very important. When I have set missions for my money, then I fulfill my duty when I put money into those missions I had set. I feel good.

My action takes the sting out of any unsavory efforts to distort money from me. Nothing anyone can say to me can persuade me to give to their causes. I am therefore not ever put-upon. I am in charge of my money.

What I do with my money is totally my business. My giving MUST be free and because I want to give. It must be a joy for me. Not for any other reason.

Why must I give with joy?

If I give out of guilt or obligation, I infect my money with low vibrations and I will infect the organization or person to whom I give.  In fact, if I give in any attitude and emotion other than joy and delight, I give in vain.

This is what makes it FREE MONEY! And for this I am grateful. I am grateful to have a mission for my money! I honor the Source of my Being. I honor the Universe. I honor Spirit. And I am grateful for the opportunity.

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