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Yes I Am Entitled to Be A Millionaire!

Yes, millionaire, even billionaire status is my entitlement. If even one person on the planet has reached this status, then any one can do so. I know of others who made it. Almost daily new millionaires emerge. It is now my time.

Yet, to be the millionaire that is my due, I must meet one major demand. I must do just one thing. When I do this one thing, then I can follow-up with it. What must I do? Listen to the Voice within me to hear what to do. It will come naturally.

Please understand, however, I must do that one thing first. No exceptions!  When I meet the rule, I will find many open doors to my wealth. I will open the windows through which I can see my millions and billions. I will open the channels through which my inexhaustible supply can flow to me.

The only one who can meet this demand for me is ME. I can meet the requirement only for myself. However, I can help others who want their wealth to get on track. Others can help and encourage me.  When others see my progress, they will want what I have. I can tell them what I did so they can get their own wealth. Yes, I can pass it on! In fact, I can show others how to get their own millions. I can think of the many reasons to do so.

By now, I may be ready to ask, "What is it?" "What must I do to get my wealth?" "What must I do to start the flow of millions and billions of dollars to me?" "How can I get my wealth into my hands and into my bank accounts?"

The one thing I must do to start the flow of great wealth to me is so simple. I ALLOW it to happen. Yes, I just allow myself to be the millionaire or billionaire that I am. This is one of my dressings.  I can create for myself and designate that I am wealthy. As the invisible force of the universe is within me, always ready for me to show myself as the manifest force of the universe, to be a very wealthy Being is one of the ways for me to manifest myself. I call the Wealth out into the open! I let the Wealth emerge into my vibration in everyday life.

I AM a millionaire already. I AM a billionaire! I am whatever level of wealth I designate. I let the energy of the millionaire-billionaire I am flow through me. I let it flow in and through my mind.

I designate that it is to pour itself out through my thoughts and words, very easily and gently. I allow my vibration be that of the millionaire I am. I let its magnetic power draw to me the evidence of my wealth.

First, though, I designate myself as the person of great wealth.  I then get ready to laugh all the way to the bank. Oh, I can just go ahead and start laughing now!

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