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My Guide To Spiritual Economics
This is My Guide To Spiritual Economics!


Let's Talk about Spiritual Economics?

What is spiritual economics?  How does it differ from the economics of the world system?

Both spiritual economics and world economics are the key terms for the management, production, distribution and use of wealth.  When I handle my wealth with spiritual economics, I do so according to spiritual law. This means I use four key ingredients to handle my wealth.  These four ingredients are love, substance, wisdom and life. 


In spiritual economics, the first thing I must do is identify myself and my relationship to wealth.  The next thing I must do is get into and then maintain the position for withdrawing my wealth according to my desires.

First, my identity.  I am a spiritual being occupying time and space on planet earth.  This simply means I am the manifest force of the universe.  I am a manifest being on planet earth.  I am an offspring of the invisible force of the universe.  A name I often call the invisible force of the universe is the name GOD.

Contained within the invisible force of the universe is wealth.  Some of this wealth is already manifest.  Well beyond my thoughts and imagination is the not-yet-manifest wealth.  The wealth on planet earth is so abundant that my imagination at its best does not fathom its depths or expansions.  I can easily say that no one knows how much wealth is here waiting to be manifested.  

The idea that any percentage of people hold a specific percentage of the wealth is absurd.   Perhaps those who say this can speak about what they already counted.  However, what about the uncounted and uncountable wealth?  I realize that when I functioned in sense consciousness I could go by what I could measure.  I could go by what I could count.

I bring this up for a reason.  In spiritual economics, it is not possible to measure what is available.  I can measure the wealth I manage, distribute and use.  But that is as far as I can go. The amount of wealth I can produce is immeasurable.  This is one area in which spiritual economics differs from world economics.  World economics seems to limit the amount of wealth people produce.  Also, world economics governs who can manage, distribute and use wealth.


As a spiritual being, a manifest force of the universe, I comply with spiritual law and produce wealth according to my desires.  In other words, I act upon the universe to produce wealth.  Daily I act upon the universe to produce wealth.

By spiritual law my power to get wealth is in releasing the vibrations of wealth.  The power to produce wealth is in my tongue.  It is in my thoughts.  I, in any moment of my choice, unleash the energy of wealth and I allow it to flow freely.  I allow the energy of wealth to flow all around me in every direction, forging its paths with each word and thought.  With its paths all around me at all times, wealth is my natural state.

I used to think it was a matter of claiming my prosperity.  I used to think that when I claimed my prosperity I knew I am stating the truth about myself. Others admitted that they felt like they were being untruthful when they claimed their prosperity.  The name it and claim it approach bordered on but was not spiritual.  The claim your prosperity approach is a sense consciousness approach which frustrates the person.  Why?  To claim demands seeing the wealth.


It is so that I have accounts in which my wealth is contained in spiritual economics.  I can call it my prosperity.  I can also call the accounts my spiritual accounts or my heavenly account.  In either case, I am talking about a means by which I manage and distribute my wealth.  I identify the amount of wealth I choose to use when I talk about my heavenly or spiritual accounts.  A heavenly account or spiritual account is a way to keep track if I feel I want to.

A purpose for a spiritual account is to keep track of the amount I am able to consider.  For example, during year 2000 I worked on the millionaire mission.  Yet I know that during another period I can work on the billionaire mission and higher or lower. 

I can use a spiritual account to keep my focus clear as I work to produce certain portions of my wealth.  I can use such an account to point out when I reach my production goals.  I can measure how I progress see when I am ready to move to the next level.  


Think about it: do you know where they keep your money at the bank? Do you see it? Do you think you are being untruthful about it because you do not see it?

You may argue, "But the bank sends me a statement every month letting me know what I have in my account."


Guess what, I am in charge of my spiritual account and I am the one who keeps the books. I can prepare your own statements.  I keep track of what I produce and how I use what I produce.

I have the privilege to work with my spiritual account every day. I can post my deposits and withdrawals. My deposits include what I produce and my withdrawals include my use of my wealth.  Every day I can tally my balances and see my account growing no matter how much wealth I use.

One thing I am always glad about. I determine how much wealth is available to me by spiritual law.  That is, I unleash the vibrations of wealth and draw into my account that which I release.  Then I keep track of it with my spiritual account.  This is an advantage of living as a spiritual being, a manifest force of the universe.

I determine how much wealth is available to me in commercial banks.  My bank accounts show the money I put into them. On some accounts I may gain a little interest -- if I leave my money in the bank according to its rules.  If I take my money out before the bank wants me to do so, the bank policy requires it to penalize me.  For instance, not too long ago I put $12,000 into a Certificate of Deposit.  Shortly thereafter I had to liquidate and put the money into a regular account.  The bank manager apologized but still deducted almost $200.  Fortunately the account had earned a little, but the amount I deposited in the "liquid" account was a few dollars under the original $12,000.

Now my spiritual account increases when I USE money. It increases 30-, 60- and 100-fold.  With the banks my interest may be 3% or 4% as long as I leave the money in the accounts.  In spiritual accounts, money increases by 30-fold, 60-fold and 100 fold when I use it.


Recently, I learned how to calculate what's called "-fold."  Just to give you an idea, let's look at one dollar ($1.00) and see how it increases in spiritual economics.

  • At 15-fold, $1.00 is $1,307,674,368,000. That is One trillion, 307 billion, 674 million, 368 thousand dollars.  
  • At 20-fold, it is $1,152,427,267,031,040,000. (??? how much is this?)

I have not yet calculated the dollar to 30-fold*. When I do, I will enter the amount on this page.  The idea of calculating to 60-fold or 100-fold is pretty much unthinkable for me at this time.  Just to think that 15-fold of one dollar exceeds a trillion dollars is beyond my comfort level with wealth.  I think in terms of millions right now and I know that as I continue to unleash the energy of wealth, I will feel comfortable as I think of my billions.  With a bit more work, I will grow into the comfort of trillions.

That I easily think in terms of millions means I easily manifest millions.  I think of millions and unleash their energy, forging paths to all corners of the earth and all corners of the universe.  The paths are open and free, for energy goes both ways.  Energy goes both ways and manifests readily.

*I posted this article in November 2000. Since then, I've calculated up to 30-fold a penny and from there derived 30-fold a dollar.

30-fold a penny =$2,652,528,598,121,910,586,308,480,000,000

 This  is two nonillion, 652 octillion, 528 septillion, 598 sextillion, 121 quintillion, 910 quadrillion, 586 trillion, 363 billion, 84 million, 800 thousand dollars.

If you have questions or would like to talk about Spiritual Economics, email me.  

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