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Value Your Services!

In a debate on the internet back in late 1998, the focus was on getting paid for healing services. Persons who called themselves healers were having trouble deciding how to charge for their services. Yet, they were concerned about how they would eat and pay their bills. The confusion was in the idea that since healing is spiritual, people think they do not have to pay for it.

It was clear to me that the persons who posted their comments were unaware of their heavenly accounts. One person was close to it when he mentioned that he accepted Celestial MasterCard/Visa for the good information he put out on the 'net.

Many who give services such as healing or other personal services for pay claim to face a moral dilemma.

  • A lot of people feel funny about charging when they provide "spiritual" services.
  • This includes "healing" and "counseling" as well as any thing else with "spiritual" in the title.

What about those who do spiritual work?What is the problem?

  • Perhaps it is a question of what makes it spiritual work!
  • It may the concept of self as associated with spiritual work!

What makes what you do spiritual?

  • You pray and get information?
  • Is it something you do at church or through your church?
  • Does doing it at church make it spiritual?
  • What you get comes from Spirit?
  • You use your faith and things happen?
  • You use spiritual "language?"

I have talents and abilities which have value in the tribe. I can market my skills in the business or service world. What value are these talents and abilities in spiritual reality? Can I market these skills in the business or service world?

Does my work depend on how I use spiritual law?

  • How do I use spiritual law?
  • What does spiritual law provide?
  • How do I depend on spiritual law or the All-That-Is?
  • What does the All-That-Is have to do with spiritual law?
  • What does spiritual law have to do with meeting your needs?

The All-That-Is provides and meets my every need.

  • How does this happen?
  • Suppose I look to business and the economy for my provision?
  • How is business part of the All-That-Is?
  • How are the traditions of the world and the tribe connected?
  • How is the All-That-Is connected with the Universe?
  • What about Universal Mind?

Do my skills relate to being able to grasp the Truth within me?

  • what does that mean?
  • how does Truth relate to the Universe?
  • how does Truth relate to being provided for?

In the Amplified Bible at John III:2, is this information:

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and that your body may keep well even as I know your soul keeps well and prospers.

The key to our question is in this passage: your soul prospers.

In other words, yes, my talents and skills have value in spiritual reality. The intent of spiritual reality is prosperity. The condition is:

  • I prosper as
  • my "soul" prospers.

What is the difference in "I" and "my soul?"

"I" is the manifested being that I AM in physical reality.

"My soul"

  • is the whole of me as I connect to the All-That-Is
  • is like a slice of pie

The All-That-Is --- is the whole pie.

What is it to prosper?

  • To "prosper" is to excel.
  • It is to operate at the highest order or being
  • It is to give life to Original Ideals.
  • It is to create something.
  • It is to create from the purest idea.
  • It is to put the purest idea into form.
  • It is to give shape that can be used in physical reality.

At my "soul" level of being

  • I can see the Original Ideal.
  • I can see the ideal and originate it into specific form.
  • I can originate form whether or not I am aware of what I do.
  • I can originate what I intend.
  • I originate what I intend when I am consciously aware of it.

I can repeat at physical reality what I do at the soul level. This means that...

  • "I" prosper as
  • my soul prospers.

What I do in spiritual reality is therefore of value.

  • It is of immense value.
  • To insure its value, I "fill the storehouse" in spiritual reality.

I fill the spiritual storehouse with

  • forms and shapes.
  • specific forms and shapes.
  • images of desires I choose to experience.

The work I do is by agreement with Spirit. Agreement is:

  • alignment with Spirit...
  • covenant with Spirit...
  • matching Energy ... energy matching Energy.

to use my gifts in spiritual reality.

I align myself with Spirit and I align myself with the highest vibrations. I match my thoughts with my feelings with my images with the words I speak and with the words I write. To match or align with Spirit is to match the highest energies or vibrations. The highest vibrations are:

  • Love Energy
  • Light Energy
  • Joyous Celebration
  • Wealth Energy
  • Perfect Wisdom
  • Perfect Health

I can create when I am not be consciously in agreement with Spirit. Yes, I do create when my energies do not match the highest vibrations. This is called "default" creating. It merely means I am not consciously aware of how my thoughts, feelings, images and words match the experiences that show up.

  • When I do, my creation is sporadic.
  • I cannot determine when what I do is going to work.
  • I am not exercising control and direction over what I produce.

If I intend to use my skills in spiritual reality,I must align myself with Spirit and the highest vibrations. I must consciously intend it.

As I align myself with Spirit,as I match the higher vibrations

  • I take on a new and different role.
  • My role is that of an ambassador from the spiritual realm.
  • I am an ambassador from spiritual reality operating in physical reality.
  • I apply spiritual law in every day life.
As an ambassador from spiritual reality, I obtain all information I use from the spiritual realm. I obtain all information from Energy and I speak Energy.

Whatever I observe or experience in physical reality,

  • I validate it in spiritual reality.
  • I ask Spirit to reveal to me its purpose.
  • I ask Spirit to reveal its Original Ideal.
  • I ask Spirit to show me how it works best.
  • Then I fill it with energy from a constant in-pouring of perfect ideas.

The point is that I recognize the power of Spirit over my life

  • This is something I permit.
  • Spiritual law requires that I permit the power of Spirit to rule.
  • Spirit - Energy will rule over me only by my consent.
  • Spirit - Energy will provide for me only with my permission.
  • Spirit - Energy will provide for me only with my precise directions.
  • I give precise directions by clear and matching images.
  • Then I describe what I see... what shows up!

The power of Spirit is the release of vibrations.

  • I release vibrations through my thoughts, feelings, images and words.
  • I release the Energy with my thoughts, feelings, images and words.
  • Energy provides what I release with vibrations.
  • Energy acts when I release vibrations.
  • Energy acts on the vibrations I release.
  • This action takes place first in spiritual reality, then in physical reality.

In my role as spiritual ambassador, I work with my heavenly account.

  • I identify the pure ideas whose vibrations I can release.
  • This is how I build a consciousness of wealth.
  • With a consciousness of wealth, my soul prospers.

How do I value my services as a spiritual ambassador?

  • I use the exchange of -fold.
  • -Fold is the spiritual exchange for the tribal monetary system.
  • A product or service has specific value in tribal monetary system.
  • As ambassador I can specify the -fold for the amount.
  • I specify the -fold according to what I choose to receive.

Let me clarify the -fold, using one dollar as my example. The calculations here are as far as I have been able to count.

One dollar at one-fold is One Dollar. The first fold acts on the dollar and prepares it into form. It then divide itself. To divide itself is like slices of pie, all the ingredients of the pie are in each slice. The first fold is like the the whole pie. Each slice has in it the same stuff that is in the whole pie.

  • One Dollar divides itself into two (2-fold) becomes $2.
  • $2 divides itself into three (3-fold) becomes $6.
  • $6 divides itself into four (4-fold) becomes $24.
  • $24 divides itself into five (5-fold) becomes $120.
  • $120 divides itself into six (6-fold) becomes $720.
  • $720 divides itself into seven (7-fold) becomes $5040.
  • $5040 divides itself into eight (8-fold) becomes $40,320.
  • $40,320 divides itself into nine (9-fold) becomes $362,880.
  • $362,880 divides itself into 10 (10-fold) becomes $3,628,800.

I select a -fold by what I am open to receive. I can ask Spirit, then listen carefully to hear the figure.

  • I can enter the amount on heavenly account statement.
  • It is a figure that I can comfortably manage.

Only you can decide your comfort level with money.

Now, if it troubles me to account for my spiritual power, I can read about how detailed spiritual accounting is. I can use the biblical references about Noah. The Lord told Noah to build the Ark and gave him very specific figures to go by.

At Luke 14:28-35, the passage says "calculate the costs so you can be assured that you can complete your work. Attached to the passage is the statement,

  • Salt is good - an excellent thing; but if salt has lost its strength, and has become salt-less (insipid, flat), how shall its salt-less-ness be restored?
  • It is fit neither for the land nor for the manure heap; men throw it away. He who has ears to hear, let him listen and consider and comprehend by hearing!

You are the salt of the earth. What does this mean? The vibrational meaning of salt of the earth are thoughts that show you

  • understand,
  • love and
  • obey Truth, that is, match the highest vibrations.

What can cause the salt you are to lose its strength? What can cause you to think in ways that show you no longer understand, love and obey Truth?

  • You do not see that you are valued and have spiritual power.
  • You do not recognize your ability to release energy.
  • You turn from the spiritual way of doing and being.
  • You refuse to pay attention to how you unleash energy.
  • You look to the tribe to provide for your needs and desires.
  • You refuse to match the highest vibrations when you think, feel, image, speak and write.

When you tally your heavenly account statements, be specific.

  • see your value in terms of -fold
  • see your spiritual power, your ability to work and play with energy.
  • focus your attention immediately on the All-That-Is and the highest energies.
  • observe how the Universe supplies your needs: watch what shows up.

Spirit folds the value your service from physical reality

  • You have $5 cash and choose 8-fold as the amount you will experience.
  • This gives you a credit of $201,600.

See the $5 as your seed.

  • Deposit it into your heavenly account. Celebrate it with joy. That's how you make the deposit.
  • Enter this amount in the deposit column as you celebrate it with joy.
  • Look to Spirit to give the increase. Your joyous celebration as you hold the $5 in your hand activates the energy of the $5.
  • Your joyous celebration of the $5 stimulates its increase as you specify.
  • Specify 8-fold increase $5 as you celebrate with joy and watch how your $201,600 shows up.
  • When you think about it after you have asked or specified the 8-fold increase, remind yourself that this has been taken care of in the greatest of ease, peace and joyful light and it is rushing to you in the most perfect time, under the best circumstances and in the best possible way.
  • This keeps the channels open.

How do you make a deposit into your heavenly account?

  • Be aware of the -folds associated with your dollar amounts.
  • Each time you handle money, think of it in terms of -fold and joy.
  • When you deposit checks in your bank, think of the -fold with joy.
  • Focus on all money you handle at its -fold levels with joy.
  • Select the -fold you desire to experience with joy.

See the credits to your heavenly account.Be -fold conscious.

  • If you concern yourself about getting paid, you block the flow.
  • Celebrate with joy and you will receive it.
  • If you try to get others to recognize you and pay your worth, you block the flow and you give your power over to them.
  • Your getting paid is not in the hands of others, it is in the hands of Spirit. You unleash the energy of increase by your joyous celebration and as long as you celebrate with joy, you open paths to receive increase.
  • If you envy any one if they get paid more cash than you, you block the flow of your increase and keep it from showing up for you.
  • Be aware that you can specify the -fold for every cent and dollar you handle. Call forth the -fold with joyous celebration and watch what shows up.

Look into your heavenly account:

  • see the seeds you planted.
  • see how the Universe provides.
  • see the credits to your account.
  • see what shows up!

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