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What's In Your Heavenly Account?
A Workshop

Test Yourself

Answer the following questions. Use the book "What's In Your Heavenly Account" or your Bible for your answers. If you like, you can contact Indoma with your answers.

Your responses to the questions that follow are key to preparing for handling spiritual or kingdom economics. Spiritual law governs spiritual economics. Each of the questions here relates to spiritual law.

Why are you the first person to participate in your account?

Who is the prime mover in your account?

How are your losses are really gains?

How can you recover your losses?

Why must you take the prescribed action?

What is the right plan is for your heavenly account?

What is the right the mindset for working with your account?

How can you put this plan into action to withdraw from your account?

What must you do to make sure your account grows to outstanding levels?

Why is your heavenly account good news for the poor?

How does your heavenly account free you?

What is your part in maintaining and using your heavenly account?

Can you wrap your mind around being a multi-millionaire or richer?

How does your self image affect your ability to withdraw from your heavenly account?

How do you activate the power to get wealth?

What does this power have to do with your covenant?

Why is it okay to ask for what you want and need from your heavenly account?

What makes your heavenly account balance greater than all your bank and investment accounts, no matter how much you have in them?

Your account has been waiting for you for a long time.

  • What benefits come with it?
  • How can you make sure you receive these benefits?
  • What must you do to start the flow of benefits to you?

Your job is to keep the benefits flowing and stay in the flow.

Who objects to your knowing about your heavenly account and why?

What can you do if there seem to be delays in getting what you requested?

What seven habits interfere with your heavenly account?

What to do about these?

Why you will want to talk with others about your heavenly account?

What would you do if others criticize you for having a heavenly account?

  • What can you do if doubts arise?
  • What if disbelief occurs?

How can you give for the joy of giving?

How do you make withdrawals?

What guarantees that you will receive what you request?

How can you make sure nothing stands between you and your requests?

How can you ban anything that attempts to interfere with your withdrawals?

Who helps you get what you requested to you?

How do you seal the deal?

What decisions must you make when you make a request to withdraw from your heavenly account?

Why you should ask for enough when you make a request to withdraw funds from your heavenly account?

If you have questions, contact Indoma.


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