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Your heavenly account is part of kingdom economics. Kingdom economics and spiritual economics are two ways to say the same. In the book, I speak mostly about kingdom economics. Since writing the book, I shifted more to speaking of spiritual economics. In the past few months, I have become more intimately aware of Energy and how it works - and how it fits in spiritual law.

However, I will not change the name to energy economics. But I want to make one thing very clear - what we are talking about is how we handle energy. We are talking about how we manage, distribute and use energy.

We do not produce energy although when we distribute it, we cause energy to produce or gather more energy - matching energy. We do not cause energy to match energy - that's its mission and it knows to do its mission. We release energy when we think, feel, image, speak and write. Regardless of what we think... we release energy as we do.

  • Kingdom economics as a lifestyle fits your spiritual covenant.
  • You must make shifts to the lifestyle of spiritual economics.
  • You must give up certain things for this lifestyle.

Look back for a moment to think about how you have experienced your traditional lifestyle. Most generally, you have accomplished and achieved. Your experience has been about obtaining things. You have set goals and you have worked to reach your goals.

  • To give these things up is simple: it is a matter of changing beliefs.
  • To live the lifestyle of kingdom economics is to live spiritual reality.
  • It is to be aware of energy and how you use it.
  • You can easily establish this new lifestyle as your way of life.

That you can consciously direct the flow of energy means you are powerful. To be sure, you have always directed the flow of energy, but you have not always been aware of this as your power. Likely you did not pay attention to energy as you released it and you did not connect your thinking, feeling, imaging, speaking and writing with the experiences that showed up. You reacted to the experiences with pleasure or displeasure, depending on what they were.

But all the time, you have been in control of all the experiences that showed up. In control, you operated in your kingdom without being aware of it.

Now, you are increasingly more aware of your power. Your power to move energy is the power to create your world.

Take the following actions in spiritual reality. In other words, take these actions with your heavenly account as you work and play with energy.

  • Access your account.
  • Use your pass code.
  • Operate at the highest vibration so you can stimulate increase.
  • Eliminate blocks to your access to your account.
  • Open your heavenly account.

This differs from opening your accounts at banks and other investment institutions.

Compare how the way banks treat you differs from the way you are treated with your heavenly account.

  • Sometimes banks treat you like you are important.
  • At other times they look at you with disfavor.
  • At still other times they put you in bondage.
  • Banks limit what you can deposit.

This never happens with your heavenly account.

Access your account by SWIFT-ing it. Speak, Write, Image, Feel and Think "heavenly account." Your SWIFT-ing action calls it forth. It calls it out into the open. You give it your attention and it appears for you.

Your pass code is your clear choice. What you speak matches what you write which matches what you image which matches what you feel and matches what you think. Designate the -fold, amount or item you choose to experience, and match it with joyous celebration as you SWIFT it.

Stimulate the flow of increase with joyous celebration. Understand this: when you release energy, you stimulate the flow of increase. When you call upon joyous celebration, the energy you release brings you an increase of experiences in the forms of ideas, persons, events and things about which to celebrate with joy.

Low vibrational energies block access to your heavenly account. Low energies are what we commonly call negative thoughts and emotions. Fear, doubt, lack and limitation are among the thoughts and emotions that block. Also included are shame and blame, preferential treatment, harshness, following the crowd, intellectual reasoning as well as victim mentality. See the elements described in TRIBES for more details on the types of energies that block your access.

Open your account by SWIFT-ing your choice to operate with energy flow.

Apply spiritual teachings about seed, time and harvest

  • Understand how -fold works.
  • See how kingdom economics differs from world economics.

The idea is the seed. Release it and match the energies of your thought, feelings, images, spoken words and written words. Watch what shows up.

Keep accurate records of your heavenly account. Keep a journal. Specify the amounts you SWIFT and record what shows up.

Pay attention to the statement of your account. This goes two way. Pay attention to what you say about your account and observe the specific entries you make.

Make out your own statements. Ledger sheets are included in the book, but you can make your own. Set up your own ledger so you can be constantly aware of how well you are doing.

If you have questions, contact Indoma.


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