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It began falling together for me when I began to see God as the in-visible force of the universe. Then it became more evident to me as I learned how to play the Energy Game. I learned how to work and play with energy.

From this point of view I could see how God creates All-That-Is.I could see the value of a covenant. Matching energies is the content of the covenant. I could appreciate my covenant when I saw that the energies must match. The covenant with God is the same as matching energies with the highest vibrations - Perfect Love and Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Health and Perfect Wealth.

The point of having a covenant is this.

  • Fulfill your part in your covenant.
  • Use your power according to the covenant.

A covenant is an agreement... to be in agreement. It is also to be aligned with. To be in alignment with. To be aligned with Spirit. To match energies!

It is at this point, aligned with Spirit, that knowing God as the invisible force of the universe is significant and simple. Spirit is the activity of the invisible force of the universe. Spirit is Vibration. Spirit is Energy. So to be aligned with Spirit is to be aligned with the highest vibrations. It is to match the highest vibrations - to match the highest energies. For me, the highest vibrations are Perfect Love and Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Health and Perfect Wealth.

  • We release and unleash vibrations.
  • To release vibrations is to give vibrations.
  • To unleash vibrations is to give vibrations.

The primary spiritual law is the law of giving. Just as the Universe is constantly giving, so do I. So do you. We are constantly giving. In another way, see it: we constantly release and unleash vibrations. How?

  • I release vibrations when I think.
  • I unleash vibrations when I speak.
  • I release vibrations when I feel.
  • I unleash vibrations when I image.
  • I release vibrations when I write.

As I release vibrations, I give. In an area important to us here, money, the idea is to release vibrations that align with vast sums of money. That match Perfect Wealth and joyous celebration. This is the spiritual work.

Giving will make you a multi-millionaire. That is, when you release vibrations that equate to millions. 10-fold a dollar exceeds $3.6 million. Give vibrations of joy constantly.

Especially give vibrations of joy when you handle money. Do you get a sense of joy when you think about 10-fold a dollar? If you do, you are releasing joy in and through the molecules of the dollar. They will fold and fold and fold until they reach the level you prescribe. Joy is the mover.

  • To give vibrations differs from what you learned through your traditions.
  • Constantly focus and release joy and watch your wealth unfold.
  • Think joyous celebration and feel it as you handle money.
  • Call out the -fold you prefer and image joyous celebration.

When you release vibrations of joy and celebration, you give the Universe your energy of joyous celebration. Its response to you is to bring back to you ideas, persons, events and things about which you will celebrate with joy. When you celebrate with joy as you observe the ideas, people, events and things that returned to you, you release more joyous celebration. This creates a constant flow of joy.

In a constant flow of joy, your joy increases and increases and you have more and more to celebrate. It is through this activity that you attract as much as you desire, and still your supply shall continue to increase! It continues to increase as long as it rides on the vibrations of joy and celebration. It begins with you. You set the tone by giving, releasing, unleashing joyous celebration.

  • Your attitudes of joy open your heavenly account to you!
  • Your attitudes of joy set your rates of increase.

Just to understand it clearly:

  • when you release lower vibrations such as sadness, hatred, anger, fear and the like, you diminish your heavenly account.
  • These vibrations are not permitted in spiritual reality.
  • These vibrations block and inhibit; therefore, they block and inhibit their existence in spiritual reality.

To BE wealth is part of obedience. To maintain the flow of joy is obedience. To match the highest energies: obedience, compliance to the law of attraction.

If you have questions, contact Indoma.


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