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Outstanding Rates Increase

What makes your account grow at seven (7) fold certain values?

  • this is due to you under specific circumstances
  • you must claim it to get the benefits

What makes it grow 30, 60 and 100-fold your deposits?

Designate the fold-level you prefer. In other words, ask for the experience that brings you 30-, 60- and 100-fold. Understand, however - these amounts are far beyond what you could think or imagine.

  • I hope you can calculate this.
  • I was able to calculate up to 20-fold a dollar
  • Numbers beyond 20-fold are larger than I can count.
  • Right now, 20-fold is sufficient.
  • 20-fold a dollar exceeds a trillion dollars.

Your heavenly account contains money, but much more than money. It contains

  • all the powers and energies needed to produce the desires of your heart.
  • the powers for perfect health and perfect wisdom.
  • the energies for perfect love.
  • and of course, the power to get wealth.

Your Account is Secure!

What makes your heavenly account permanent and safe?

  • Your heavenly account is energy.
  • Energy is wealth and wealth is Energy.
  • Your power to get wealth is your capacity to move energy.
  • As long as you can think, feel, image and speak you can move energy.
  • To be able to write with clarity adds to your power to move energy.

Match what you think about wealth with what you feel with what you image, with what you speak and with what you write. Match joyous celebration with your thoughts, feelings, images, speech and writing about wealth and watch it appear wherever you designate.

Use your power consistently and see it work again and again.

  • You can forget about limitation and lack.
  • You can replace these with a higher standard of life.
  • You will be able to control your balances: income and outgo.

If you have questions, contact Indoma.


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