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Money and the things you obtain with money are among your benefits. So, one of your first benefits of accessing your heavenly account are these:

  • you know you have the power to get wealth.
  • your desires are always available to you.
  • money is constantly available to you.
  • you can create your wealth wherever you desire.
  • you can create what feels comfortable to you.
When you know you have a heavenly account you will not drive your resources away.
  • Fears about money keep your money away from you!
  • When you believe money is scarce, you scare it away.
  • Uncertainty about money makes money uncertain about you!

Knowing you have your own heavenly account helps you get comfortable with money. Your comfort with your money is your power to draw money to you.

  • you release vibrations of joy and celebration.
  • these set a path for money to come to you.

When you know your money is in place, immediately you

  • feel a sense of relief that keeps you from getting upset if others present demands on you for money.
  • know you have the power to transfer into your bank account.


How can you transfer money from spiritual reality into your bank account?

  • use the Law of Attraction.
  • SWIFT it.
  • comply with Spiritual Law which says "as above, so below."
The spiritual is the higher or faster moving vibrations, also called "above," the physical is the lower or slower vibrations, called "below." The spiritual is energy which creates. You release this energy to do its creating by SWIFT-ing it: that is Speaking, Writing, Imaging, Feeling and Thinking it. When you release energy, it goes on its single purpose mission. Energy goes out seeking energy just like itself. It finds energy just like itself - matching energy and brings that energy back to you in various forms. The Law of Attraction - a spiritual law - is at work, as energy brings back to you matching energy in the forms of ideas, persons, events and things.

Activate the Law of Attraction with joyous celebration when you SWIFT money and watch your bank account grow.

The physical is energy in tangible form. It is the form energy takes after it has been SWIFT-ed.

How do you know it is okay to transfer money from the spiritual realm into wherever you designate?

Spiritual Law says that

  • if you can perceive it, you can achieve it.
  • if you ask, you will receive.
  • if you believe, you will receive.
  • if you seek, you shall find.
  • if you know, you shall be free to...

You say, "That sounds like faith. I've tried faith and it just did not work for me."

Yes it did. It worked by not working when you believed it would not work. Faith works every time. Whatever you are clear about is what it gives you. From your automatic thoughts and feelings you raise questions that get in the way.

  • Why isn't this working?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • What's the problem with this?
  • Why can't I manifest my desires?

For each of these questions, the answers will come and you will see the "not's" just as they are. You will see what is wrong. You will see the problem. You will see the "can't."

Ask the right question and you will get immediate results.

  • Show me how to work this.
  • Show me the right way for this.
  • Show me the solution.
  • Let me manifest this now.
  • Send someone to me who can help.
  • Send prosperity now.
  • Thank you for the experience that brings vast amounts of money to me.

The right question is permissive.

  • You get the answers to the other questions when you ask questions that show doubt.
  • You get volumes of what you desire when you ask in a way that allows the answer to come to you.
  • When you ask permissive questions, you position yourself to expect what you request. You paint a picture - form an image. You anticipate.

If you have questions, contact Indoma.

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