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What's In Your Heavenly Account?

Guide To Spiritual Economics


It was a pleasant Saturday night in November 1998.  My friend and I attended a church meeting where a renowned television minister spoke about heavenly accounts.  The idea impressed us, since we had not thought about it before.  I have a heavenly account!  Such an idea!  I found it to be so exciting!

Believe me, that I had a heavenly account was what I'd called good news!  Further, I realized that since I had a heavenly account, a spiritual account, everyone had such an account. Each person has a heavenly account and it is infinitely endowed.

This kind of news I had been looking for, for such a long time. Id attended prosperity workshops and seminars and had facilitated numerous prosperity discussion groups, workshops and seminars for many years – this tied it together for me. this news caused me to look at wealth, prosperity and abundance from the inner perspective.

That Saturday night speaker told us how he found out about his heavenly account and what he did to find out what was in it.  He recommended that we would do the same.  For many days afterwards, my friend and I talked about what we heard.  Mostly we were coming to terms with the idea – that we indeed have our very own heavenly accounts.  Just what we would do next took a bit longer to see. 

Yet, so important it was just to know this. It was the greatest prize – to know I had my very own spiritual account. I wanted to know more about it, but I had to find a way to obtain more information about the heavenly account.  As it is usually for me, another part of this knowing appeared before me a few weeks later.

I am a writer and had started my work on TRIBES SCOUTING IN THE PROMISED LAND.  Ideas were flowing - unfolding daily as I sat before my computer in a receiving mode.  At that time, I worked in my office across the hall from my bedroom.  With televisions on for background noise, I had set the dial for a religious station.  It was time for one of my favorites.  My ears perked up when I heard the speaker mention how he had accessed his heavenly account.  This came initially as a surprise, but I knew in moments – I would hear more of what I needed to know about this phenomenon!  I knew I was going to gain access to my heavenly account.

I stopped my work and watched remainder of the show. I gave it my undivided attention.  From the show, certain core ideas came up. I knew I would explore them further. I wrote down Scriptural references the speaker gave so I could study them closely. I took many notes and kept them beside me for further review after the show was over.

I read the passages the speaker listed, as well as other passages I had used over the years in my studies and teaching.  I was intrigued by the notion of increase – the terms used were 30-fold, 60-fold and 100-fold.  I wanted to know what this meant. I'd noticed numerous teachers had used the numbers as multiples. In other words, the way they used the numbers, 30-fold represented 30 times an amount.

My custom was and still is to ask Spirit, whom I often refer to as my Inner Being when I needed to know something.  Whatever I’d asked Spirit, Spirit showed. Spirit revealed what I'd asked in ways I could understand. 

I wanted to know about my heavenly account and I wanted to know and understand how to use my heavenly account. In about a month, slightly fewer than 30 days, I wrote the first version of this book. So you could know how I operate – when I've wanted to know something, I'd asked Spirit and then I'd write down what Spirit revealed to me.  While I do this writing, my intent is not always to write a book. Primarily, writing is how I keep track of the details that had come forth, including tests and experiments I'd made with the information. However, the information that came was so very delightful, that I got so excited about sharing it with others.  I offered it in print and ebook form to others, presenting something that will benefit those who read it and operate with what they saw and understood.

I’ll tell you right now: I wrote what I got from Spirit – and please know it was at the level of my understanding at the time.  In my first version of this book, heavy in religious language, my explanation of increase was consistent with what other speakers had begun to present.  As I wrote, I talked with my friend about what had come.  After a while, she pointed out a peculiar situation. It seemed I'd present my findings to her and in about three to four weeks, she’d hear certain speakers present what they had found during their shows. Of the concepts, she commented that the speakers were about six months behind my presentations. It appeared we were on the same or closely parallel paths. 

It was evident to me that the speakers and I were getting pretty much the same information and we were interpreting it in similar ways. You could say we were on the same wave – operating in similar vibrations. We were operating in spiritual consciousness.

In late year 2000, I found my original understanding of increase barely captured the meaning of “–fold.” I knew then that I had to revise this book.  I understood increase was multiplication – but in my newer understanding, I saw how to increase and multiply as the Scriptures instruct. The instruction is to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. The key was in cell division.

Cell division shows how –fold works.  The process is increase and multiplication. Here is an easy way to think of it. I have three apples and each apple has seeds in it. I can count the seeds in each apple – or I could count seeds in one apple and multiply that number by three to tell you how many seeds I had. But the real question is this: how many apples did I have? How many apples were in the seeds? 

Let’s simplify it: how many apples are in a single seed? As simple as this may seem, the answer is beyond anything I can count.  Looking at an apple tree, I know it grew from one seed. It gave fruit. In only one season, how many apples would that be?

Perhaps this is the first fruit from the apple tree – that first crop.  But let’s say the apple tree gave fruit for many seasons.  Do you see what I mean?  How many apples came from that one seed?

When I first worked with my heavenly account, I used the process the speakers who introduced them to determine the status of my account. I considered what was in my account based on what I had given in tithes and offerings and multiplied those amounts by the fold that seems most appropriate. I designed a form to show it. I soon found one problem in my accounting. My actions of giving tithes and offerings did not influence the amounts in my account. 

How could I say this? After all, this is what the various teachers taught. They taught that our heavenly account accrued benefits according to our giving. This factor is inconsistent with Scripture. We are told repeatedly that God is the Source; God is the Supply. This means my Father God established my heavenly account for me.  Indeed, God placed my heavenly account within me. My actions are important. They determine my capacity to access my account.  My task is to access it, not to fill it.

Notice this analogy. The farmer plants a seed: the seed grows according to its Inner Reality. It grows according to the contents within it. One apple seed grows into many harvests of apples. The outcome is infinite. The farmer plants the seed so he may harvest apples. Since the farmer is in the business of harvesting, he plants many seeds.

Each idea is a seed. Each thing is formed of seeds, but is itself a seed. One thing I had become proficient in doing was creating forms for gathering and transferring information. So, I created a form – a seed - that grew into more forms. The forms were useful and led to more information about my heavenly account. I gave a copy of the form to my friend so she could play with it – to see what she had in her heavenly account. We did well with what we knew.

The variety of forms I designed helped me to capture a record-keeping method for my heavenly account. I designed withdrawal slips and forms to keep track of increases and other additions – and finally a ledger. With all my forms and slips and other record-keeping methods, I found I could at best make a partial accounting. Still with these devises, I found repeated evidence that led me to greater clarity on certain passages of Scripture. For instance, I finally got it – what Jesus the Christ meant when He spoke of the widow’s mite.  Something in her giving made the value of her gift exceed the offerings presented by those who gave from their ‘plenty.’ The difference comes in how you are seeing – are you seeing with your heart or seeing with your eyes? Seeing with the heart is seeing with the mind's eye while seeing with the eyes refers to a physical sense. The widow gave a physical amount that represented a seed amount from her heavenly account. Let’s say she’d given a penny, but was thinking 30-fold a penny when she presented her gift. Thinking 30-fold a penny and feeling the experience of 30-fold a penny as she gave, she gave a tremendous amount.

Back to the apple seed – how many apples are in the seed!  Or what is 100-fold a penny? It became clear to me that He meant something very special when he said, ‘Lay up your treasures in heaven.’

Regardless of what I held in my hands, the contents of my heavenly account far exceeded it. Consider how you determined your worth. Do I determine my worth by what is in my hands or what is in my heavenly account?  Is my treasure in my hands – or purse or bank account or is it in my heavenly account?  How do I look at the penny or dollar in my hands?  Do I see it as seed or do I see it as the money I have in my hands?

While writing the earlier version of “What’s In Your Heavenly Account?” I thought I knew the extent of my treasure by what I counted. Even then, I knew there was so much more. I reached a point where I stopped counting. The numbers reached gargantuan proportions. The amounts in my heavenly account were infinite and I knew it.

Most important was this: I realized my bank accounts did not determine my wealth or the level of my treasures. The bank balances did not tell it. I realized these as temporary things. They go up and they go down. Knowing about my heavenly account, my spiritual account, I learned to look at my bank accounts in a different way than I had previously. I had to come to terms with the fact that how I handled my spiritual account determined the potential for my bank account. That is, what I am aware of – how I see in my spiritual account determines the content of my bank accounts.

       When I did not know I had a spiritual account, to determine my financial assets, I had to keep track of the amounts in my bank accounts. I did not know, however, that the energy I'd radiated when I'd handled the accounts, whether in my mind or tangibly, affected them.  I did not know that when I felt good about the accounts, I had more; and when I felt bad about them, I'd caused the accounts to be depleted. Still, I felt good when the accounts contained a certain amount and I felt bad – uneasy, when the accounts fell below that amount.  I knew I could spend and purchase what I wanted when the amounts were, as I preferred. I held back on spending when the amounts lowered and figured out ways to increase the bank balances. These actions were based on my attitudes toward the account and each attitude affected the flow of funds through the accounts.

This was all I knew to do. The amounts in my bank accounts depended on what I deposited into them. It was all about what I did or did not do and what I did and how I did it geared my thinking of myself.  My concept of self got caught up in my net worth. I held my head up high when I had plenty of money in the bank and held my head down when I felt pressured about money I did not have. Still, these attitudes conveyed energy as I'd radiated it. Feeling confident, I radiated confidence related to money – causing increase. Feeling pressured radiated restrictions, causing money to seem limited.

Knowing I have a spiritual account makes the difference in how I see my wealth. That it is a spiritual account and I have nothing to do with what’s in it takes the pressure off. I do not have to feel pressured about money anymore. I know my Father God sees to it that I have the supply I need. 

The supply I need is in my heavenly account. It is in my spiritual account. My greatest concern is to access my spiritual account. When I'd access my spiritual account, I'd arrange for a transfer of funds from the invisible to the visible world. My task is to designate that funds are transferred into the bank accounts or into any other accounts – investment accounts, business accounts, scholarship funds and other avenues of distribution. 

It is vital that I'd shifted my thinking from balances to access – and focus my attention on how to access my heavenly account.  How to access my spiritual account makes this book revision worthwhile. 

The point of accessing the spiritual account is to transfer what I'd required to places I'd designated. The process is similar to the electronic transfer of funds. But it is the transfer of any desire from your Inner Reality to physical reality.  More than funds are in your spiritual account. Always, more funds are in the spiritual account than you can possibly imagine.

While the language of this book is plain and simple, and I speak very little religion. In other words, while I quoted several passages of Scripture, I moved into the spiritual meanings. Primarily, I speak spirituality, because Spirit gives life. I speak Energy. I talk vibrations and frequencies – higher vibrational frequencies (HVF) and lower vibrational frequencies (LVF). In this book, I talk feelings and experiences. Feelings show the energies I'd radiated. Experiences show how I'd played out certain scenes in the mind.

As you may have already noticed, my feelings impact the flow of funds through my hands – or possession. When I'd operated in the higher vibrational frequencies, I'd caused the flow, but when I'd operated in the lower vibrational frequencies, I'd inhibited the flow.

Speaking of spiritual matters – it is God, my Abba Father, the Invisible Force of the Universe of which I am a manifest force.  I speak of Consciousness and of Inner Reality. God is the Word and the Word is Consciousness, the whole of Consciousness. All that exists was birthed out of Consciousness. My Father is the Birther – all that exists was birthed out of the Father. Consciousness is within – and the within is the Inner Reality, the inner world. The inner world is heaven – the invisible world. Taking action in the inner world is Imagination, the action of images, and the actions that cause things to appear in the visible world. Causing things to happen is ruling – a kingdom.

As a manifest force, I acknowledge that I sprang forth from the Invisible Force of the Universe. I am a spiritual being. I make of myself the image of God that I am according to how I see myself. I make of my wealth the image of God that it is according to how I see myself. I make of my health the image of God that it is according to how I see myself. I make of my relationships the image of God that they are according to how I see myself. I manifest God through my conception of self.

In this book, I quoted verses and passages of Scripture and discussed these as they helped me understand how to access my heavenly account. The Scriptures provided guidance for spiritual beings. We are spiritual beings wearing human garments known by the names we are called.

As the spiritual being, I am the Actor who is playing the part of the character known by my name in various roles. I am the Image that acts while wearing the mask you'd recognized as my face. I am the only Actor and I am the only Image that acts. The mask and garment I wear is a mere arrangement of Mind – it is how I'd arranged Consciousness, to present a specific conception of self. the conception I'd arranged for my character set a framework for my role in this drama of life, showing how I'd played out the role.

Think for a moment about your heavenly account. You have a heavenly account! You have a spiritual account! Call it by either name, but settle it now that you indeed have a spiritual account. Buy into it that your spiritual account contains all the supply you can ever need or require so you may never be in want of any thing needful to your good. As a spiritual being, this is your account and you may access it whenever you'd choose - to benefit the character you are playing. The role you'd chosen for your character determines the use you'd make with your account. In other words, where you had chosen to play the part of a person in poverty, you'd limited the flow of goods from your account. Where you'd chosen to play the part of a person of wealth, you'd opened the doors to your account, so goods may flow freely into your visible world.

       Throughout the Scriptures are references to my spiritual account – to my wealth and prosperity. In Deuteronomy 28 I am greeted with the idea that blessings shall come upon me and overtake me. All I have to do is “heed” His Voice. In other words, pay attention and regard the Word of the Lord. The Word of the Lord is sure: blessings come upon me now!

To heed the Word of the LORD is to pay attention to the consciousness you are occupying. The consciousness you occupied is the rule or power of your experiences. Be in the consciousness of blessings. Experience the consciousness of blessings.

From the passage, I found I am blessed in the city and in the field; blessed coming in and going out. My storehouse is blessed and He makes me have a surplus of prosperity – He opens to me His good treasury.  He said He blesses all the work of my hand – I shall lend to many nations and I shall not borrow; He makes me the head and not the tail, that I am above and not beneath.

       Shall I go ahead and heed this Word? Shall I regard it? Shall I believe what I see and hear of the Word of God? That I am blessed and blessings come upon me and overtake me! And that I am blessed in many ways when I pay attention and regard the Word that I am blessed! 

What is blessed? Blessed is empowered to prosper! It is empowered to excel! A blessing is the power to excel. I have the power to excel in all matters. The consciousness of blessing is the power to prosper and excel. This includes the power to access my spiritual account. I'd use this power during my actions in the inner world by operating in the consciousness of blessing. I'd play out scenes in the mind where I'd excelled. I'd play out scenes in the mind where I'd prospered. I'd looked into my spiritual account and used it for my activities in the city, in the field – coming in and going out. With the right to use to my spiritual account, I welcomed every opportunity to excel and prosper.

So I'd recognized by the Word that I possessed the power to excel in the city and in the field. The city is a consciousness with definite boundaries and the field is a consciousness of expansion. I'd possessed the power to excel in my coming in and going out. I performed very well, whether I'd entered or left a consciousness. My storehouse is empowered to surpass any prior bounty. My storehouse was my treasury and it signified my spiritual account, my Inner Bank Account.  My consciousness of abundance expanded to my treasury. The work of my hand – was empowered to excel. Whatever I'd touched prospered. This is excellence – the power to do extremely well. To exceed!

       To heed the Word of the Lord is to recognize that I'd possessed the power to excel. To heed the Word of the Lord is to buy into the idea that I'd do extremely well in whatever areas I'd chosen to work or play. I could expect to exceed – just as the seed in the apple. The seed comes from one apple and it can expect to far exceed its origin. How many apples are in the seed?

       I regarded anything that came through me as precious and the Scriptures told me that my Abba Father, through whom I emerged, regarded me as precious. I am precious! God, the Invisible Force of the Universe loves me!  I embraced the whole of Consciousness and emerged with great bounty in every area of life.

God loves me so much that He gave His only begotten Son that I might have everlasting life! Eternal, perpetual, endless life! Infinite!  That I am so loved and so precious means I have that which is perpetual, endless, infinite and vibrantly alive. From the whole of Consciousness, the Image that acts the solutions emerged. This is my own wonderful Imagination – the images that move in and through my mind. One such image is my heavenly account!  It is infinite!  It is perpetual and endless!

       A passage in the New Testament goes like this: To him who has, more is given. To him who has not, that which he has will be taken away. These words were spoken after the three workers gave their reports of what they had done with the “talents” – the worker with five gained five more. The worker with two gained two more, but the worker with one buried it. The two others were aware of what they had, so they made use of what they had. The one who buried his talent did nothing with what he had and it was taken away from him and given to the one who had ten. He did not know what he had. He considered that he had nothing. That worker did not value or treasure what he had.  Each of us was given Imagination. Do we value and treasure the capacity to take action with images? Do we recognize and accept the capacity for taking action with images in the invisible world as being the cause of our experiences in the visible world?

My work with my talents is to cherish the power to excel – to be aware of this power and to value it. My blessing is my power to excel!  My blessing is Imagination, the capacity to step into the Image that acts and excel in whatever areas I'd chosen. To know I have this power means I know the power of one – not to hide it, but to plant it so it grows.  When you see the value of 30-fold a penny, you will see the power of one.  My task is to step into the Image that acts the value of 30-fold a penny to see it become visible in my world.

The unplanted apple seed yields nothing, yet planted – in cultivated and fertile soil, grows into a tree that bears fruit perpetually.  Not aware of my spiritual account, it is as though I do not have a spiritual account. I cannot access an account I do not know I have.  Where I do not see my physical – tangible wealth as an extension or outcome of my spiritual wealth, I set my tangible wealth in a position where it can be taken away from me. What I have can be taken away because I do not know what I have. I have to know what I have so I can experience it. I'd enter the consciousness of my spiritual account and play out scenes where I'd made use of its contents.

Whatever I have, if I do not have it in spiritual reality, it is subject to loss and destruction. If I have it in spiritual reality and know it, I'd step into the Image that acts, and experience it because I knew it was permanent and perpetual. 

Where I am aware only of tangible and physical reality, I am aware of the outer expression of things only. I am aware of outcomes only. In this awareness, I'd measure with my intellect and with my physical senses only. I'd react to what I'd encountered – either with HVF or LVF. That I'd reacted shows I am not aware of what produced the things I see and otherwise measure with my senses, but I'd claimed the things I'd encountered caused my reactions. I'd given my power over to the things I'd observed in the visible world.

Things tangible, things in physical reality do not produce themselves – so I could use up things tangible, and they are no more.  They no longer existed after I'd used them up. Things physical result from things not seen. They resulted from the activity of Spirit – the movement of energy, arranged into patterns of experience. These things are formed of Energy. As I'd given attention only to the things produced, I'd given attention to something that existed for a moment. 

The bank balance is one such example. To give my attention to the bank balance – to watch the bank balance, I could see it go up or go down. But what produced the bank balance? I could look at what I did in physical reality – work I'd done, income streams I had set up – these must remain at a certain activity level to cause the bank balance to go up. But what happened when the activity ceased? The bank balance went down. 

Think about this: I am working every day to set up numerous income streams yet the bank balance goes down. What happened? Is the bank balance the outcome of the work I'd done or the income streams I'd set up? Or is there something else? Were the persons downsized from their careers because they were not working? Did those who lost vast sums from the stock market not set up income streams? Entrepreneurs out of business – were they not working or creating income streams?

What happened when I'd used my power to excel in spiritual reality? My bank account is an outer expression of what I'd done with my spiritual account. How did I use my power to excel in spiritual reality? How did I access my spiritual account and how did I cause my bank account to show at the visible action I'd taken with my spiritual account?

       The wellness of my physical organism is an outer expression of my spiritual account. My relationships, my business and my home are outer expressions of my spiritual account. My accomplishments express at the outer my spiritual account. My lifestyle shows what I’d done with my spiritual account – the degree of access and how well I made transfers. Please understand that all work with my spiritual account I'd done at the inner level – deeper than my memories and beliefs formed through my experiences in physical reality.  

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