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Lecture #443 by Neville - 06/21/1971

This excerpt from the written workshop starts at the beginning of the lecture - the very first paragraph - the very first words Neville spoke. Notice he decided to talk on the practical side, so I talked on the practical side. 

I thought that this last week should be both practical and ideal­istic. So we will start on the practical side. He said, “Think not that I am come to abolish the law and the prophets. I have come, not to abolish the law and the prophets, but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17)

The number of channels of wealth available to you is vast. Each channel is among the infinite states of consciousness in the whole of Consciousness and the whole of Consciousness is within you.

A channel of wealth is a state of consciousness, an individualized state of consciousness. Your employment is one channel of wealth: just one single channel and countless other channels of wealth are available to you, so you could access them, if you only would.

Why am I talking about channels of wealth?

In the prior workshop, I talked about being the wealth of your choice, whether it is millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire, quadrillionaire or nonillionaire. Each of these states of wealth is within you – in your inner world and you'd have a way to move it from the invisible to the visible.

Does it interest you to move your wealth from the invisible to the visible?

The following excerpt from this same section of the workshop takes you a bit further into the application of Neville's teachings.

Right now, you could look around in the inner world and see each state of wealth – those most familiar to you as well as states of wealth that are new to you. You could enter the hundred-flow, thousand-flow, million-flow, billion-flow, trillion-flow – whichever of your choice. In the flow of wealth, you'd think – I'd really like to experience this in my visible world.

Then, the usual question for very practical people is this: how am I going to have this kind of money? How is this going to happen?

If you were totally invested in the methods Neville taught and you lived fully in the experience of being a billionaire, day in and day out, you'd have your money in the visible world. It would have hardened into fact. Still, your Rational Self wanted to know how and even, when.

From the viewpoint of your Rational Self, it is too spooky for $15 billions to appear out of thin air. You just cannot make yourself buy that malarkey. So, you'd go to work every day, buy lottery tickets or take some other action to satisfy your Rational Self. You may even develop a number of schemes with a particular dollar sign in mind, all as a means for bringing your billions to you.

The action you'd taken to bring your wealth to you radiates energy – it shows how you had organized your consciousness when you chose the particular channel for your wealth. In other words, you decided upon a specific course of action and you reacted to that decision. Your reaction to your decision is energy – it is the energy you wrapped around your choice, the energy you wrapped around the channel.

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