Meditating With Indoma

Think love and release the energies of love. See the image of love as it flows in and through you. See it swirl and whirl, forming a vortex all around you.

Let it expand out throughout the space in which you are now. Gently, let it flow, expanding out into your community.

Now it covers and enfolds your city. Your state or province.

On and on the love energy expands, like a vast mist covering your entire country.

And now your continent, all the countries on your continent.

Feel its energy as it covers the whole atmosphere from the greatest depth to the highest heights. Now watch love energy as it expands and surrounds and enfolds our globe. Love energy moves gently and swiftly, expanding throughout our solar system, on out through and to our galaxy and further, through the endlessness of our Universe.

Rest in the fullness of love energy and feel the joy and delight as it returns to you.

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