Meditating With Indoma

Think harmony and discharge the energies of harmony.

Allow an image of harmony to form with its sparkling mists sprinkling onto your face and into your body. Watch the image of harmony as it floods all the cells of your body and tickles your brain cells.

The energy of harmony brings all your body cells and molecules into divine order. Your body cells and molecules bask in the energy of harmony as it touches every parts of your being.

Now allow the energy of harmony to flow out to surround and enfold all the persons and pets in your location.

Allow the energy of harmony to cover and fill all your appliances, computers and other equipment in your home.

See it surrounding your workplace setting an atmosphere of harmony. Watch as the energy of harmony fills your vehicles and all the vehicles within your scope.

Let the energy of harmony permeate every event in which you are involve. Let it surround your atmosphere and control your weather.

Allow the energy of harmony to flow into all areas of your life where you desire divine order.

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