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Relaxing Meditations

Creating Your Universe
Becoming One With Spirit
Embracing Differences
Looking Within
Mother Earth Splendors
In Gratitude For Friendship

Releasing Meditations

Love Energy
Joy Energy
Harmony Energy
Accuracy and Clarity Energy
Partner Energy


Find your pleasure. It's in the warmth and beauty of this site. A heart full of love and caring hands gently placed each detail in its proper place that all may share in our joy. The delight and the joy to move away from anything that may be of concern are yours. Allow the bliss to flow in and through your being.

Let's move softly away. We can cross the threshold to the sweetness of our own souls. We can easily turn our focus to the highest qualities of the Universe. Let's stay in this space for a time.It is glorious.It is marvelous. Oh, so wonderful is our joy.

In this space we can allow the energy of our love to rise. So it may cover all that we touch.Yes, it may cover all that touches us.

Let us be forever grateful. - Indoma


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