Meditating With Indoma

Think of others as partners and disperse partner vibrations.

Allow partner vibrations to well up in you. See images of partner energies as they rise. Partner energies nurture and cherish and bring out the best in all to whom they are directed.

Focus partner energies on all persons in your life course.

Partner energies seek the best for those to whom they are directed. Focus partner energies to those with whom you have dealings and contact.

See these energies flow to those with whom you do business and to those who provide services to you.

Allow partner energies to fill your employers and your employees.

Let these energies to fill your customers and your clients. See your partner energies fill your governmental officials from the highest levels to the lowest.

Let your partner energies surround and enfold all within the scope of your being. This feels sooooo good as you let your partner energy drive you to divine wealth.


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Releasing Partner Energy



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