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Let’s See What We Have

This is Chapter 4 from the ebook, Manifesting Consistently, Book Three of three ebooks derived from The Elijah Journey.  The other two books are Choosing and Cherishing My Inner Reality.  Translating the names of characters and locations to experiences in consciousness, I describe what to do after you make the needed choice so you can move forward.

Think about this passage and see it: you are familiar with adjustment.  So ask, if you will,  “What do I have to do?  What is required?”  Adjustment requires that I shift my focus.  I change consciousness.  It requires me to shift attention from the material, and trial and error, to spiritual consciousness.  Seeing the limitation is a focus in lower vibrational frequencies and is accompanied by a feeling of not-love, such as disappointment or wanting.

So with allegiance to Energy and the higher vibrational frequencies. I look to my Inner Being, for my Inner Being shows me how to do this.  I focus in the higher vibrational frequencies such as joy and appreciation – forms of Love Energy and wrap these energies around my thoughts about the $1,000.

At this point I stop thinking about material stuff.  I stop trying to figure out ways to solve problems or accomplish outcomes.  Instead of calling a thing lack or empty I see its connection to joyous appreciation and call it by its Divine idea name.  A little is clearly more than none: which is more than enough to shift my perspective.  Little is much!

See how I stop giving away my power.  Each time I look at a condition and fail to use what I see to find its underlying Divine idea, I give away my power. 

When I see lack or empty space and think lack; lack continues to appear.  It is clear: I put my attention on something and give it my power.  The type of attention I give it – how I interpret it shows whether I give away my power or use it.  Through this passage, I see how to use power in my Inner Reality to bring about my desires.

The power within!  My thoughts and the energy of my thoughts – the power within.

Watch to see it work.  In dealing with supply, I choose to stop looking at physical and material stuff as my supply.  I choose to stop going by what I can measure and count and analyze.  These are limitations and are located in the lower vibrational frequencies of my Inner Reality.  I choose instead to operate in the higher vibrational frequencies.

For example, as long as I see money as my supply, money is a power over me.  Just to clarify how I could see money as my supply, it happens when I count what I see and say, “This is what I have.”  Money is not my supply.  The amount I have in my purse or account is not my supply, it is what I have on hand.  It is my seed.  I use this amount to connect to my supply. 

Plenty is my supply.  My awareness of plenty is my supply.  Awareness of plenty!  How do I shift to an awareness of plenty?  The amount I have in my possession forms one experience with money. 

To make the shift, I can ask my Inner Being to show me the experience where I have plenty of money.  Let me be really clear about this.  As long as I see money as my supply, money has to act like it is my supply.  But as a finite entity, finite is the energy it has with it.  Finite energy creates finite conditions.  This turns my attention to finite-limited supply.

In my experiences with prosperity and abundance and manifestation, I know that finite is not what I want to see, plenty is what I prefer.  Plenty, however, is a high vibrational frequency, flowing easily in appreciation and joy and delight.  So I ask to see what I choose to see: plenty.  I ask to see Perfect Wealth. 

My Inner Being shows an image of Perfect Wealth.  Seeing the image, I have the option to agree with it. Agreeing with it is my power.  I agree with it by thinking about what my Inner Being shows and by speaking it.  My awareness of the image is my power.

How do I shift?  I found it to be very easy.  For a shift in consciousness, I recognize first how steeped I was in intellectual reasoning.  I see my ability to reason and analyze as great!  Certainly, it was as deep and powerful as Ahab.  The time for trying to make spiritual law work with the intellect was over. So I asked, “How will I know where I am operating?” 

The answer was too simple.  This is it: I look at how I deal with the circumstances and events of every day life, and I know.  Do I react?  Do I set the tone for the ideas, people, events and things to come into my experience?  Let me ask this again: am I consciously aware of the tone I set for my experiences?  I want you to be really clear about this and see the difference.

Let’s suppose I speak of prosperity as a power I use to get wealth. I check to see how much money I have and announce the amount in my account or purse. What am I doing?  Simple! I am trying to straddle the intellectual-spiritual fence.

You ask, “How is this so?” and “What’s the problem?”  My speaking of prosperity as my power to get wealth and then checking my wallet or bank account to see how much is there is an attempt to live the spiritual life by intellectual reasoning.  This is out of order.

How is it out of order?  In checking the wallet or bank account, I see only what is there.  When it is less than I prefer, frustration flares up.  Do I know how to make it more?  What will I do to get more?  That’s chaos and disorder.  My speaking of money as it appears is an act of intellect.  Intellect measures what appears and draws conclusions. The power of prosperity has nothing to do with what appears in my hands or in my bank account.  I have to always draw that line!

At the level of creating, I am not concerned about what I measure with my senses or intellect.  From this approach, I am trying to use my intellect in a way that does not work.  Some may say this violates spiritual law.

Let me be clear.  Nothing violates spiritual law.  Plain and simple, spiritual law is not subject to the intellect nor to my reasoning abilities, nor my will.  I may attempt to set a spiritual law in motion, but my action disputes the very law I attempt to use and that causes it to appear as though it does not work.  The moment I look at the money and say “It is not enough,” I stir energy of not enough.  Operating in the lower frequencies, I set up more of the same – more not enough.  This is the fallacy of checking the wallet or band statements.

Look at the law of prosperity again – let’s say I had stated an affirmation – “My bank account is filled with plenty of money.”  I state the affirmation once or several times, then check to see what my bank account shows.  The account balance is the same as it was prior to my stating the affirmation.  What do I say now?  What is my report?  And what is my attitude if I check my account?

By intellectual reason, I report the balance I read or hear.  To say any thing different is to misrepresent the facts.  No matter what kind of face I put before you, my feelings when I see or hear the report registers within me. 

If I affirmed plenty, checked to see if plenty appeared but did not hear or see any evidence of plenty, even if I conceded my need to do more work with it, I likely feel disappointed.

In this feeling, I release a new energy about my bank account, disappointment energy.  The energy I release with this feeling seems to violate spiritual law.  It does not.  It sets a different tone.  One of disappointment.  If when I spoke, “My bank account is filled with plenty of money!” I felt good about the plenty.  It is as though I set the portal for a holodeck to experience plenty of money.  Yet, as I felt disappointment, I set a new essence.  The energy of the holodeck shifted to experience disappointment with money.  A delicate balance.

Disappointment linked with ideas of money produces disappointment, not plenty.  My confusion shows through disappointment.  Not aware, I express frustration and set a tone that differs from plenty.  My frustration alone offsets plenty and sets the energy of disorder in motion to fuel confusion. When I do not know how energy works, I think some one or something else caused the condition.

In an instance like this, where I affirmed plenty and checked my bank account to see if plenty has appeared, I set doubt energy in motion.  I set energy in motion with each thought and word I express.  Continuing with the holodeck metaphor,  the energy of disappointment is low, blocking energy as is doubt energy. 

Doubt energy joins disappointment energy as well as frustration energy in the holodeck, and these bring experiences of doubt, disappointment and frustration. 

To keep the experience alive, letting disappointment, doubts and frustration come to me, I start with my experience with money.  As long as I keep the holodeck intact, I set experiences in motion that uphold that same holodeck.

My actions show I do not see it – that my thoughts or words unleash energy.  Sure, I am aware of affirming.  I may argue, telling you I was focused on plenty.  Perhaps I would contend that my action was right but something went wrong.  The law appears to not work; yet it does work. 

It was I, who did not comply with the law.  I shifted my focus and released a different energy.  That I did not notice it merely means I was not paying attention. Vibrational law is  precise and absolute and operates with the energy I release.

So, what happened?  I unleashed energy when I talked about plenty and I unleashed a different energy when I checked the account.  The second action appears to violate spiritual law, but it does not.  

My second action sets a different energy in motion.  That I did not recognize how I used the law to cause it to work in a way that differs from what I had consciously intended is a matter of how I use my attention and what I know about energy. 

My intellect does not influence spiritual law: spiritual law always works.  I could tell you I am right and try to make you believe something in my physical reality interfered or went wrong.  When I do that, the only thing I am doing is showing how ignorant I am of how the law works.  My complaints or fault-finding will not change my outcome: these will bring more for me to complain about.  If I say the law does not work, it must appear to not work.  That’s how the law works.

My outcome follows energy I release.  It differs from what I intend when I release energy that differs from my intent.  I must be consistent with all energy I release toward a condition; otherwise, any new energy sets a new tone. 

Each time I change the essence of my energy, I set a new holodeck.  This happens when the energy changes.  When I release the higher energies, I set an atmosphere for things that feel good.  

Energy flows freely.  As I unleash lower energies, I set a climate that feels bad.  I set the atmosphere to bring experiences I do not like.  Blocking energy builds and keeps out the free-flowing energy I enjoy.

I may count something to check to see if the law has worked.  In the moment I do so – to see if it has worked, I release questioning energy.  My questioning does not change or cause a thing to work out as I had affirmed.  It gives a different message and shifts to a different energy expression.  It gives me something to question!  

I call situations like this default – because I act without being unaware of what I had done.  My intellect has no affect on the law as I work with it, but it causes me to put another aspect of the law into operation.  Yet in default, I am not aware of my action or the effects of my action.  Default is not knowing how actions I take with thoughts and feelings automatically impact my experience.

Aware of my complaints or fault-finding, I feel disappointment and it registers in me.  Also, I detect when I have trouble believing something.  Indeed, I know when I am afraid.  What I miss in default is knowing that when I complain I open the portal for experiences where I have more to complain about.  Complaints ask for experiences where I can complain and find fault.  That’s just the way vibrational law works!

In default, feeling disappointment opens the door to more disappointment – and I do not see the connection.  Where I have trouble in believing – I set myself up for difficulty in believing.  My fear opens me for more and more fear – brings me more to fear.

Complaints, fault-finding, disappointment, trouble believing, and fears – these are low energies.  These low energies block the flow of higher energies.  

In this, I go back and forth between my intellect and my Spiritual Self.  In the lower energies I maintain the traditions of my intellect.  When I shift to the higher energies, I am in my Spiritual Self and I am yielded to my Inner Being.  When I act by default – it seems I go through more struggles. 

Struggles are mere conditions of physical reality – containing experiences where I as my Spiritual Self connect to see beyond complaints and do what my Inner Being shows.  

If you stepped ahead and said, “Ask my Inner Being to show me the experience where I live consistently as my Spiritual Self!” – you are absolutely right.  That is the thing to do.  So I can be increasingly more yielded to my Inner Being and remain connected.

The more I live as my Spiritual Self, the more I reduce my tendency to complain or find fault.  I am less likely to lay blame or feel ashamed when I fall into a struggle.  As my Spiritual Self, I let my Inner Being show the experience regardless of what others around me are doing and saying.  The expert proof of something does not matter – nor the research or the authorities who are in their intellects.

The experiences that reflect struggle may appear, yes, but when these come all I have to do is ask my Inner Being to show me the higher experiences.  Recall the $1,000 in the bank account when I need $5,000 to make a purchase.  I ask my Inner Being to show me the highest experience – having in this instance the $5,000 as the higher experience. 

For any conditions I see, I ask Inner Being to show a higher experience.  I already see the lower experience of the condition.  I am familiar with lower experiences of many conditions.  I am not interested in why these occurred – I know why they occurred: I formed them with lower energies.  Now, I’m interested in knowing the higher experiences – the lovely and gentle and delightful experiences. 

I observe what my Inner Being shows and celebrate the wonder of what I see.  Following the instructions, I do what I observed, and then check to see how well I handled it.  I show appreciation and gratitude for the experiences my Inner Being shows me.  My Inner Being shows me more and I exclaim even more.

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