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My Lavish Income Workshop

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Workshop in mp3 format

I was so thrilled to hear folks tell what they discovered about the power within them - We took a journey through the consciousness of lavish income. I called it a nation with regions. 

I had taken a quote from a Neville lecture - "I have a lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit". I knew every thing is a concept and any concept could be personified - given life in the mind. Living beings in the mind are images and each concept has its own images. So I recognized the quote as a concept. Then I personified it and saw its images playing out in the mind.

Well, in the workshop, I walked the participants through the journey. We started at the border of the nation of Lavish Steady Dependable Income. Then we moved into and through the regions until we reached the center of this consciousness. We met the "inhabitants" in each region through which we journeyed. The "inhabitants" had so much to offer us - and we accepted what they offered. For each the experience was unique - since each journeyed in his/her individual consciousness. 

Although this workshop was first experienced on the 29th of December 2009, it is timeless. In other words, you can at any time you prefer take the journey to the center of the individual consciousness of your lavish, steady, dependable income. You can take the journey many times - to make sure you are fully aware of the nation. More than this, each time you participate in this workshop you are reprogramming your mind, causing a shift from a consciousness of "not enough" to a consciousness of "lavish, steady, dependable and far more than enough funds always available to you". As you move through the nation of Lavish Steady Dependable Income on your own, many more concepts beyond those we explored will come before you and you will expand even further. These new concepts that arise within you are so very unique to you, coming out of your infinitely vast storehouse of wealth concepts. As these concepts become images on the stage of your mind, they set themselves firmly in your consciousness and simultaneously offset old concepts of not enough from your consciousness. So as you might notice those old ways of thinking and being regarding your levels of income trying to come up to you, be aware - they only appear now that you might "dig in there" deeper with the new and wonderful consciousness of your Lavish Steady Dependable Income.

You'll activate your power so your lavish, steady, dependable income appears in the world around you. My power was activated from the day I looked at the concept and it was intensified as I developed the drills for the workshop. Folks around me were first to experience an increase in the lavish income manifestations. I rejoiced at their gains and yes, mine opened up and has continued in many ways. Even today I have seen more evidence - it is continually unfolding and expressing in, through and from my lavish, steady, dependable income consciousness.

You'll see for yourself in the step-by-step journey to the center of this individual consciousness how you were able to unfold your power to levels you might not have thought possible prior.

The consciousness of lavish, steady, dependable income is within you waiting for you to activate it as fully as you wish. Use the workshop as your tool to bring this consciousness to its fullness.

Already, you know how spiritual law works. It is very simple - become your chosen desire in your mind. This is asking for the experience - being is asking - using this workshop to become and therefore be your lavish,steady, dependable income is asking the experience to appear in your physical reality. You gave this order to the Universe, asking it to bring forth that which you already possess in consciousness. When you have become it, the Universe gives it to you!

You will find the investment you made to download this workshop pales in comparison to the benefits you get, starting while you are listening, hearing and seeing your great power. You'll see this workshop was made available for you and your unfoldment.

Adventures in the consciousness of your lavish income

  • Create the atmosphere for your lavish, steady, dependable income
  • Call forth the individual consciousness of a lavish, steady, dependable income 
  • Activate your power unto your lavish income to you
  • Activate your power to settle controversy related to your lavish income
  • Fill your mind with images overflowing your lavish, steady, dependable income
  • Interact with images of your lavish, steady, dependable income
  • Create space in your mind for your lavish, steady, dependable income
  • Start living from the conception of your lavish, steady, dependable income


Purchase the workshop NOW. Download it and start your journey to the center of the consciousness of your lavish, steady, dependable income today where you rule the flow of income to and through you in the many forms, shapes, qualities and quantities you chose.


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