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 It is my delight to share Indoma's Place with you. This website is for folks who believe it is okay to enjoy life, to operate with infinite love and infinite wisdom, to have abundant riches and Perfect Health. Indoma's Place is for folks who enjoy being with others and delight in each other's progress. In fact, here our greatest joy is to celebrate you while we celebrate ourselves.

In addition to sponsoring this website Neeta Blair, Ph.D. maintains web presence at Applying Neville and The Imaginal News Network - two discussion groups at Yahoo Groups where we explore and apply spiritual-vibrational law with strong emphasis on teachings of Neville Goddard and Author's Den. 

Founding the Imagination Education Institute in late 2007 and developing the curricula for the first level of these profound processes, Dr. Blair launched the program by teleseminar in May 2008. In 2014 Dr. Blair developed the program of storytelling power incorporating concepts from Neville with Hawkins, Dispenza, Lipton and Fillmore. With storytelling power you actually shape your reality - and yes, the secret of storytelling power is your capacity to change your story and change your reality.

Beginning in August 2006, Dr. Blair developed comprehensive workshops for a private subscription to a series of lectures Neville gave from 1968 through 1971. These workshops are available in sets with Neville lectures. As she tested concepts from these workshops Dr. Blair uncovered numerous gems she had not seen or heard about in any resources. Most outstanding is identifying yourself as Imagination with the power exercise mastery and dominion over your world.

Throughout Indoma's Place, you will see our constant focus is you as an energy being who is the power over your world. We are constantly testing concepts that demonstrate power as an energy being. By sharing what as we learn in various formats we make it possible for our readers to redeem their power and live in the abundance promised through spiritual law.

Look over Indoma's Place, page by page if you please. If you see something you like, feel free to print it in whole or parts, information published on this site is FREE. In addition we have made our books and services available for purchase. Be sure to watch for new products and services developed to enhance your hands-on experiences for developing your capacities.

We are available to respond to brief questions at no charge. Also, we offer skills-building services through our private workshops, classes and coaching at modest fees. Exercising authority over your world is a huge responsibility. If you are up for the task, join us on this journey - to identify your imaginal skills, knowledge, and abilities (IKSAs) and apply these in the practice of bringing about solutions in every area of the life experience. Email us for more information - we generally respond quickly. 

"Day in and day out, I work consciously with concepts and aspects of spiritual law and each day, I discover something new and beneficial. Those I coach get these cutting-edge findings and are able to apply these right along with me." - Neeta Blair 

Use Indoma's Place to augment your growth. You can expect to find something here that takes you to places beyond your prior experiences. Just as we, you can expect to uncover secrets and mysteries you can use to arrange your chosen lifestyle. 

Application of the Law is an ever-unfolding process. Now is the time to have life more abundantly and enjoy every moment!

Thank you so much for exploring with us here at Indoma's Place.

Over the years, I served in a few organizations and on non-profit boards in southeastern North Carolina..  

The list that follows gives you a bit of where I have been.

         Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Member, Chapter Office Holder

         Sickle Cell Disease Association, Regional Board Member

         County-City Civic Affairs Committee Member

         Political Action Committee

         County Democratic Party Office Holder and Member

         Congressional District Democratic Party Office Holder and Member

         State Democratic Women Organization Member

         County Democratic Women Member, Office Holder 

In my professional work, I have handled these kinds of tasks:

         Innovative Coach in Imagination Education processes

         Perceptive Family Systems Consultant

         Dynamic and Popular Workshop Facilitator

         Provocative Author

         Transformational Technical Writer

         Innovative Business Services Writer

         Storytelling Power Facilitator 

         Productive Grants Writer

During my career as a Social Worker and Social Work Supervisor, I designed and implemented, effective parent training programs, trained trainers and directed the course of the programs leading to effective resolution of numerous parent-child relationship issues. As a Group Home Administrator, I designed and put into effect programs for working effectively with teenagers, helping these young people resolve developmental issues, to include launching from the homes of their parents to adult living. The program promoted self-governing youths who honored themselves and others.

A little history:

Neeta Blair, aka Indoma, earned the Ph.D. integrating Family Systems, Family Therapy, Adult Development & Adult Education at the Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio. Other education includes graduate studies in the Social Work Masters program at UNC and B.A. in Psychology at UNCG, and in 2013 completed masters studies in chemical dependency counseling and licensed professional counseling at GCU.


A career social worker she served children and families in public agencies for 28 years.  This included families who required financial supplements, foster care, teen preparation for adult living and substitute parent training.  Dr. Blair developed and implemented numerous training programs to address needs of children and families. Her extensive writing included grants that brought millions of dollars for the agency's use,, court reports and program-related reports. 


Dr. Blair designed and facilitated popular workshops as well as series of training programs for adults, teenagers and children covering numerous topics such as self-esteem, child management and drawings and fairy tales for kids. Also, led parents in exercises to reframe behaviors, identify and resolve issues impacting separation and loss, adult living skills, behavior change with innovative token economy systems, family reunification programs for parents with children in foster care, procedures for creating emotionally safe environments and attitude motivation.  


One work she particularly enjoyed is The October Model of Family Systems - a 12-component assessment and evaluation process for examining family dynamics and functioning.  After intensive work with a young couple, she wrote Battle of the Stages.  This work describes struggles a young father faced after he had to shift his goals for college to meet the new and unanticipated responsibilities of marriage and parenthood.  Another work she enjoyed preparing and presenting is Major Diagrams for Use with Family Unification Cases: with Focus on Young People in the Early Adult Transition Phase of Adult Development. This short workshop for social workers uses easy diagrams to assess family connections, social support networks and resource development. 


After exploring numerous religious approaches, a young woman on the search became acquainted with Metaphysics through Unity in 1967. Something about it, something about being a Truth student resonated. Blair in her only pregnancy partnered with a dear friend who was going through an experience with cancer. Both absorbed Truth teachings thoroughly. After applying Truth principles, the friend's cancer dissolved and was dormant for more than 20 years in spite a much shorter projection given by physicians. Blair experienced a most remarkable pregnancy, very mild labor and easy delivery of a precocious son who astounded her and everyone around for years. In all things he touched, he expressed mastery. Now, he is a man with a wonderful family of his own adult children and grandchildren.


Dr. Blair began full time writing in 1997, recording her experiences in applying spiritual-vibrational law. You can see this theme reflected here on Indoma's Place, with descriptions of skills for effectively managing various issues in relationships, health, wealth and other attributes. Dr. Blair's remembered how to adapt the energetic features conveyed in the meanings of names to practical every day events. Vibrations and energy are at the core of every thing. 


Check this out.  I think about something.  Now the thought alone does not make something happen, but take note: every time I have a feeling about what I think about - that is, react to - forms the magnet.  The feeling - reaction is the calling card.  It's what gets the job done - it moves the energy.  


The thought is like a vehicle that carries the feeling.  The feeling is what draws - attracts the matching energies that come back to me: ideas, people expressing the same kinds of feelings, events that cause me to feel that way again and of course things. 


The deal is this: start with the feeling and look for thoughts that carry the feeling.  Let's say I made "joyous celebration" my theme and I'd set up things to cheer. I'd find reasons to celebrate myself. In the process, I'd unleashed and radiated energy, filling the atmosphere with celebration and joy.  

Starting out, I may have to search for thoughts that carry joyous celebration.  I may have to set it up in the beginning but soon and very soon, the thoughts come easier and swiftly.  Then I'd talk with others about joy and celebration. We'd together think of other stuff to celebrate and cheer and before I know it, I have a habit. 

Try it, you'll like it!  


This is part of the Energy Game. From the moment I caught the idea, I felt better and better and better about everything in my life and I found that I was more and more in control.  I saw increasingly what makes me the royalty that I am.




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