21/21 Meditation
For 21 Seconds, 21 Consecutive Days

So now we will focus the energies that drive our highest spiritual qualities. These qualities are divine love, perfect health, divine wealth and divine wisdom. We will think of the energies that drive these qualities and see them as they flow into the ethers. Love is so complete that it drives love. Love is the energy behind all our spiritual qualities. It drives itself; it unleashes perfect health, divine wealth and divine wisdom.

Harmony and balance are energies that drive perfect health, divine wealth and divine wisdom. The energies of accuracy and clarity draw divine wisdom to us. The vibrations of partners, partner energy moves and attracts divine wealth. Joy in all actions release divine health.

Relax and make yourself very comfortable. Prepare to focus gently on familiar ideas. As you think about each idea, you may allow an image to form. If you do, let it be a soft volatile image that flows gently wherever you send it. You may send it directly to a person or event. You may send it into the ethers. Still further, you may send it to the edges of the universe and see it return to you.

If you like, let each image have color, a color that feels comfortable to you. Let it emerge so you can be aware of its presence. If you like, allow the image to have a presence you can feel.

Be aware that as you focus clearly and purely on these energies for 21 seconds, you unleash its energy, allowing it to do its work. In clear pure focus, the work it does in 21 seconds is the equivalent of 2,000 physical action hours.

So letís begin. Take one energy idea at a time.

Think love and release the energies of love. See the image of love as it flows in and through you. See it swirl and whirl, forming a vortex all around you. Let it expand out throughout the space in which you are now. Gently, let it flow, expanding out into your community. Now it covers and enfolds your city. Now your state or province. On and on the love energy expands, like a vast mist covering your entire country. And now your continent, all the countries on your continent. Feel its energy as it covers the whole atmosphere from the greatest depth to the highest heights. Now watch love energy as it expands and surrounds and enfolds our globe. Love energy moves gently and swiftly, expanding throughout our solar system, on out through and to our galaxy and further, through the endlessness of our Universe. Rest in the fullness of love energy and feel the joy and delight as it returns to you.

Think harmony and discharge the energies of harmony. Allow an image of harmony to form with its sparkling mists sprinkling onto your face and into your body. Watch the image of harmony as it floods all the cells of your body and tickles your brain cells. The energy of harmony brings all your body cells and molecules into divine order. Your body cells and molecules bask in the energy of harmony as it touches every parts of your being. Now allow the energy of harmony to flow out to surround and enfold all the persons and pets in your location. Allow the energy of harmony to cover and fill all your appliances, computers and other equipment in your home.

See it surrounding your workplace setting an atmosphere of harmony. Watch as the energy of harmony fills your vehicles and all the vehicles within your scope. Let the energy of harmony permeate every event in which you are involve. Let it surround your atmosphere and control your weather. Allow the energy of harmony to flow into all areas of your life where you desire divine order.

Think accuracy and clarity and unleash the energies accuracy and clarity. Direct the flow of accuracy and clarity energies into every decision you want to make and in and through all your work. Let it fill each matter for which you will make a decision. See it fill each task and each detail. Gently with it, let it flow. Allow the energies of clarity and accuracy to fill any new projects that their excellence will unfold.

Think of others as partners and disperse partner vibrations. Allow partner vibrations to well up in you. See images of partner energies as they rise. Partner energies nurture and cherish and bring out the best in all to whom they are directed. Focus partner energies on all persons in your life course. Partner energies seek the best for those to whom they are directed. Focus partner energies to those with whom you have dealings and contact. See these energies flow to those with whom you do business and to those who provide services to you. Allow partner energies to fill your employers and your employees. Allow these energies to fill your customers and your clients. Let your partner energies fill your governmental officials from the highest levels to the lowest. See your partner energies surround and enfold all within the scope of your being.

Think joy in all your actions and release joy in every thing you do. Allow an image of joy energy to take form and allow it to flow through each action you take. As you walk, see joy energy flowing with each step you take. See joy energy filling you as you stand and sit. See it move gently through your being as you turn from one direction to another. Let joy fill all your actions. As you breath in and out, let joy energy fill your lungs. See yourself driving and working with joy energy. See yourself dancing with joy energy filling your being. As you talk with others, or serve them, see joy energy flowing in and through your being.

Think love, harmony, accuracy and clarity, partners and joy and release the marvelous energies and experience love, wisdom, wealth and health every day.



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