Love Energy, Its Own Driver


Love is it. Love energy is the highest vibration. It is the highest energy. When I release love energy into the ethers, I fulfill spiritual law.

Love energy secures every action. It is vital in every thing. With love energy, we have life and perfect health. It makes wisdom work. Through it I attract wealth. Also, love sustains itself.

When I look at the flow of love energy, I see the bonds of relationships. Love energy covers all my unions. It sustains and supports my bonds with others. I become one with others as my love energies join. In other words, as I focus love energy to others, our energies join and we are one. If we maintain the flow of love energy, we remain one. We remain united.

Love energy secures the integrity of my parts. What? Yes, love energy makes sure all parts of my being work together. Love energy links my inner being to my ego. It joins my spirit with my soul. Also, it holds in one unit my spirit, mind and body.

My task is simple as I do the 21/21 plan with love energy. What I do with the plan is form a habit where I focus love energy every moment. My goal is to focus love energy in every action. No matter what I do, I want to focus love energy in it and through it.

I can start with my first waking moments as I get up from a night’s rest. Then I may continue throughout my day. For the 21/21 plan, however, I would focus love energy when I wake up each morning. In one action, I set the tone for my day. With the tone set for the day, I can expect to draw to myself all I need to make the day complete.

Let me permit a vortex of love energy form and swirl in and through myself. Then I let it expand to cover my world. Love energy whirls and flows into and onto all those in my life.  Covering all, it draws all the power of Spirit to itself. It beckons the ministering angels to do its mighty work. 

For each 21-seconds I focus love energy, I bid 1,000 angels to complete what equals to 2,000 hours of work.

Love energy drives love energy. Not only does love energy drive love, it takes into its swirl all that is in its path and makes it love. Love energy converts everything it touches into love. As I focus love energy, it discharges freely. It flows gently in all directions. Then it covers and fills everything it touches. On its path, all that it touches comes to me. I can see the images of love energy in action all around me.

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