So, Let's Release Health Energy

Let me release my health energy. I will use the 21/21 plan to form a habit that keeps me in perfect health. Before I form the habit of perfect health, let me find the symbols that drive health energy. Now what are they?

Many years ago, I found an acronym we can use. For the word "heal" an acronym is "harmonious, enthusiastic activity of love." So here we are again with "harmony." A symbol that drives health energy is harmony. Harmony is a form of balance. Next, we have enthusiasm. Zeal and excitement are high energy paths for enthusiasm. So are gaiety and joy. Action is a clear energy word. So is love.

Harmony, joy, action and love are symbols that drive my health energy. Whether it is my own health or the health of others, it is the same. My focus is harmony and balance. It is joy in every action. Also, my focus is love energy as the basic energy.

Each time I think about my body and my mind, I will think about harmony. I will release harmony into the ethers. Also, I will discharge the energy of joy in every action I take. For the whole picture, I will see love energy as it flows in and through my being. I will see love energy as it flows through all.

Whenever I think of others and their health, I will release the energy of harmony to the ethers. Among these are our children and grandchildren. Also, we count our friends, relatives and others with whom we have contact. Yes, we count people we meet on the street. By all means, we include our pets and our livestock. For all, we release the energy of joy in their actions to the ethers. Yes, we discharge love energy and let it flow in and through them.

The 21/21 plan is useful. With it we form the habit where we release energy for the perfect health for all. We expand it beyond our bodies and minds. Also, we go beyond the minds and bodies of others. We include the perfect health of things such as our cars and computers and household appliances. Even our houses we include in our focus. Likewise, we count buildings we enter, roads we travel and bridges we cross. Dare we include the internet and our websites? Of course we do. These are among the things for which we see the energies of harmony and joy in action. We also see love energy as it surrounds and enfolds these things.

So we think about the energies that drive perfect health for all. In that same moment, we watch as the energy of harmony flows into the ethers. Next, we see the energy of joy in action as it discharges and flows into the ethers. Love energy flows gently into the ethers. These energies flow freely and easily. They settle in and around all that get our attention. With our own joy, we go about our work and our play.

The energies that drive perfect health are harmony, joy in action and love. Lavishly we release these energies into the atmosphere and watch them work mightily for the good of all.

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