To Release Your Wealth Energy

We are in a 21/21 plan to form a habit. The habit I want to form now is to know what vibrations I release. Earlier we found two things. First, we found that we have our own symbols for our highest energies. Second, we found we could discharge those symbols to drive our actions. In my first example, I pointed out symbols I use to drive my actions to release the energy of wisdom. These were accuracy and clarity. My current project is to identify the symbols I can use to drive my action to release my wealth energy.

Right away four ideas came to me. The ideas were these: to communicate, to give, to share and to be in harmony. When I thought about the first symbol, my thoughts turned to the Bible. I thought about Paul. He wrote in a letter to the Philippians at chapter 4:15, King James Version. Paul talked about their communication. The Amplified Bible and the Revised Standard versions translate the term to mean partnership. Paul spoke of their being partners in giving and receiving. He also spoke of how their actions resulted in credits to their account. What account? The records of these credits are in their heavenly accounts. We can find details of the accounts in my book, Whatís in Your Heavenly Account?

Joel Goldsmith in his little book "Business and Salesmanship" talks about communication also. He says the perfect sale occurs when the mind of the merchant is the same as the mind of the buyer.

These are but two accounts that support a symbol that drives my wealth energy. To advertise is an attempt to release that energy. The energies of the words communicate and partnership is potent.

So in every action I take toward wealth, I focus to connect with and match the minds of others. In other words, what I do matches the desires of others. These others are my partners. Everyone is my partner. So this is how I must see others as I move wealth energy. I must see others as my partners.

What is the next thing for me to do to release wealth energy? It is to think about what I can give and share that will match my partnersí desires. What products and services can I create that match my partnerís desires? My task is to give them what matches their energies.

Right away we notice my best action that drives wealth energy. It is to focus on my partners. I focus on what my partners want. My best action is to focus on what will give my partners balance and harmony. So I release the energy of wealth.

It does not matter what the condition of wealth is at the time we begin the 21/21. We may have debts or we may be debt free. If we have creditors, we would focus on them as partners. Perhaps our only expenses are the ongoing things such as the phone bill, the power bill, groceries and the tax collector. All these and any others with whom we have money dealings are our partners. So are our investment companies, our bankers and our customers. Our action is to release the symbols of wealth energy so we match our partnersí energy and they achieve balance and harmony. We release these symbols into the ethers that they may join with wealth energies from all over the universe. We open the paths of wealth energy to flow in and through us.

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