A New Habit: Aware of Virbrations

My favorite way to form a habit is simple. I use the 21/21 method. In other words, I agree to follow a 21-day plan. In the plan, I focus on the new habit for 21 seconds each day.

So, what is the new habit I want to form now? I recently got the gist of vibrations. I found that each word contains its own vibrations. Each word has its own energy. As we think and speak, we release vibrations. We release the energy of each word. To form a new habit, I want to be aware of the vibrations I discharge into the ethers. Thatís it. I want to be aware of the energies I release.

To be aware of the energies I discharge into the ethers means I will pay attention as I think each thought. It means that I will pay attention to each word I speak. So will I notice every thought and word. To do so is to slow every thing.

As I write the article on forming a habit of paying attention to my thoughts and words, I am thinking. Just what am I thinking? My thoughts are on accuracy and clarity. The content of the article does not matter. Accuracy and clarity matter. These thoughts drive my article. I like to write pieces that are clear and accurate. Also, I like to write to get clear about stuff.

We do not have to go far to find stuff to think and talk about on the 21/21 plan. All we have to do is follow our thoughts as they flow through our minds. First, we will check to see what energies we are discharging to the ethers. Next, we will decide what to do about them. We can allow them to continue. Also, we can stop them to change our focus.

We will want to remember one thing. What? The word energies we release are like our agents. They flow from us to make paths for things and energies to flow to us. Each thought energy has its mission. Each word energy has its own mission. Its mission is to let the universe know what we want.

Accuracy and clarity are my symbols for wisdom. So, I want accuracy and clarity when I write. What do I want otherwise? Do I want health and wealth? Do I want love? For health, what drives my actions? Just what symbols will I use for health? What drives my actions for wealth? My symbols for wealth are what? Also, what drives my actions for love? In other words, what symbols will get my focus?

Each chooses the symbols we will use so we can release the energies of health, wealth, love and wisdom. We are unique in this way. Our symbols may differ. Our outcomes are perhaps similar.

On our 21/21, we may choose to release the highest energies. Our desire to do so will bring our symbols to us. Then we can focus on the symbols as we take action. Whatever actions we take during the period will be ways to display the symbols of these energies.

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