What Happens When We Think?

Letís get the picture. Letís see what happens each time we think. Are we ready? Just to think, we release energy. We unleash energy bound in names and words.

As we think, we unleash energy. In each instance, we release the energy of words. Yes, even when we are still it happens. Silently in the secret recesses of our hearts, our most minute thoughts discharge energy. Reports are that we think 40 to 50 thousands thoughts during our awake hours. Imagine, how much energy we release every day. With each thought, we discharge multiple vibrations into the ethers. Can we see the energy of our thought? Can we see it discharge into the ethers?

Just think about what happens. Our thought discharges into the ethers. Then it joins with its match. For instance, we think love. In that moment, we discharge the energy of love. Love energy flows into the ethers. Other thoughts of love also flow into the ethers. Our thoughts of love unite with other thoughts of love. Thoughts of love seek other thoughts of love and unite. They attach themselves to those who also release thoughts of love. It is as though our thoughts have within themselves sensors. With their sensors, they seek out other thoughts like themselves. They seek them and they find them.

Now what happens when we think thoughts of love with another person in mind? Our thoughts release love energy. These thoughts of love energy discharge and move toward the person. However, they attach to the person only on one condition. The condition is that the other person is willing to receive the energy of love. When those to whom we send love energy are open to receive it, our love joins with them.

So we ask, how is one open to receive love energy? Any who think thoughts of love are open to receive love energy. Those who discharge love energy are open to receive love energy. Itís that simple. Yes, when I think love thoughts, I discharge love thoughts. As I discharge love thoughts, I set a path of love energy. It is also a path for love energy. On my path of love energy, love energy flows from me and to me.

Other energies can flow on my love path. These include energies of gratitude and praise. Also, energies of joy and faith flow on the path. Energies of health and wealth flow on the love path. So do energies of peace and life.

So, letís form habits where we see the energy of love forge its paths. We can see it all around. We can see it fill any room. Letís watch as love energy fills any space toward which we direct it. Sure, we can watch it fill those to whom we send it.

Where did we get the power to release word energy? His Word says he sends his word and it does not return to him void. It returns to him that to which he sent it. If we see His Word as highest consciousness, it makes sense. Then we can see what is going on. Highest consciousness is spiritual consciousness. Also, it is God Mind.

What words do we send? We send the only words in God Mind, the highest words. Yes, we send our highest words from spiritual consciousness. These words are the words we release. Our words go out to forge a path. They seek energy just like their own. They return with the same energy. The energy returns increased and multiplied. It returns in many forms. Among these are the forms we prefer.



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