All About Vibrations
By Neeta Blair

Finally, it is clear to me. Itís all about vibrations. No matter what we do or want to do, what we have is due to our vibrations. Our vibrations make the difference. So we want to know and understand vibrations. It is vital to our being.

We may ask, what are vibrations? When we talk about vibrations, we are talking about energies. We are talking about how energy flows. All energy flows. Energy flows high and it flows low.

My connection with vibrations began in my search for the inner meanings of names. First, I looked at certain characters. Then I looked at the locations and items as I wrote my book, TRIBES Scouting in the Promised Land. I focused on the names and soon I saw their energies. I realized that the inner meanings showed their vibrations. Names hold the energy of their meanings. We express the meanings and energy of our names.

A name is a word. Every word contains energy. When we use a word, we release its energy. We use words by thinking and speaking.

The energies of words are high and low. High is a term we use to denote what is good. The highest is what we call the best and greatest benefit. Low is a term we use to signify what is not good. High energy feels good. Low vibrations feel bad. We want more high energy and less low energy. Likely, we would rather have all high and no low vibrations.

So which words hold the highest vibrations? Which contain the lowest? The words that signify spiritual qualities are also those with the highest vibrations. They are love, peace, life and joy. These are patience, health, wealth and truth. Words that oppose these qualities hold the low vibrations. Among these are fear, discord, depression and pain. Also, words with lower vibrations are poverty, blame, shame and distrust.

Anger may seem at the start a lower vibration word. However, it is more a turning point word. Anger alerts us to a need for change. Anger points out a problem. It calls attention to something gone wrong. With anger, we can go either to a higher or to a lower vibration. When we use anger to pivot to our higher energies, we show we know why we had the anger.

In the Bible, we hear words that tell us to choose whom we will serve. Also we hear, "We set life and death before . . . Choose life." Letís substitute the terms "higher vibrations" for life and "lower vibrations" for death. Things with the higher vibrations give us life. Those of the lower vibrations cause our death.

So what is it we are suggesting? With our constant focus on the higher vibrations, we may have life. We allow ourselves to have the abundant life. Now, just where have we heard these words?

Now is our time to focus on the higher vibrations and feel good. Letís feel joy and delight. Also, letís attract things and events with the same kinds of energies to ourselves.

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