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A name is a word. Every word contains energy. When I use a word, I release its energy. There is no question that I use words with each thought I think and each word I speak. Imagine if you will the energy of your words releasing into the ethers when you speak. See the image take action as you think.

Now when I think and speak, I focus my thoughts and words on something. As I focus my thoughts and words, I constantly release and discharge energy. I set up paths for those things upon which I focus my thoughts to return to me.

My silent thoughts release energy just as easily as my spoken words. I speak slower than I think. Therefore, what I think may differ from what I speak. These factors suggest that I would benefit if I pay attention to what I think.

You will see in one article in this section that I found I was thinking one thing while writing the article. I found that I used what I was thinking to drive my work. Certain thoughts behind my work release their energies and drive my work. This happens for us all the time. As I explore vibrations and energies, it is a good idea that I would look at what thoughts drive my action.

In this section of Indoma’s Place, I look at the energies that drive love, wisdom, wealth and health. Let me tell you a secret. The energies that drive wealth are new to me. On the day I found these energies, I received marvelous confirmation of its truth. I had waited for weeks for a piece of software critical for my work. I did my 21 seconds on the energies that drive wealth. You might know it intrigued me so much that I spent much more time exploring these energies. I left my home office for the whole afternoon. While away, I talked with friends about this finding. When I returned and checked my mail, what was in the box? The software was there, of course.

It is my commitment to pay attention to the vibrations and energies that I release to the ethers so I can more readily determine what I have invited into my life.


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