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Many opportunities available to you, ask

  • What's it like discovering my purpose in this life?

  • What would it be like educating my Imagination?

  • What would happen if I was enjoying my life more with each passing moment?

  • What would expanding my clarity be like?

  • What would it be like with ever-increasing freedom?

  • What would happen if I really used my natural powers?!

  • What would examining and testing information from the teachings of Neville and Abraham on a daily basis be like?!

  • With each question, did you notice the image appearing in your mind's eye? By asking these questions, you tapped into the supreme intelligence within you. The intelligence that created the Cosmos, and gives life to you and every living being resides within you and responds to your every request even before you could completely formulate your question. There's even more about this on this site, and on other platforms I use in telling about my journey.

  • Obtain original written and recorded materials by Neeta Blair, PhD!

  • Links to discussion groups and platforms I use to talk about my expansion!

  • and so much more...


Welcome to Indoma's Place! 

Home of the Imagination Education Institute! 

Here at Indoma's Place our only objective is that you find something here you can use to expand more and more into the powerful person you really are. As you move about the world around you - in your home, community, nation and international travel you see things going on. Some things you like and likely you want more of these in your experience. Some things you don't like and you prefer something different. Before you came to Indoma's Place you possibly involved yourself with approaches for changing or manifesting situations you want. This has been our earlier approach - manifesting your desires, with your desires being change in conditions. Our current and developing approach encouraging your joy and empowerment allows you to tap into the fullness of who you really are. Simply, where you had previously wanted to change the circumstances -  in your body, your family, your finances, the national economy, weather and ecology, the government, business dealings or any relationships - we encourage you to observe how you are feeling about these things. You might notice already that you have no control over these circumstances, but you have absolute control over your feelings. And controlling your feelings, you will see changes in your circumstances - because your feelings control everything.

Information available to you here at Indoma's Place tracks much of my journey since I shifted from mere study of metaphysics to figuring out how to apply principles of metaphysics. In early 1997 after 30 years of study I woke up one morning with the question, how do I do this, starting a long list of truisms I had found in my studies. During that delightful 30 years of study I had developed and applied numerous skills but often could do certain things but could not explain how it happened. Like in 1971 when my toddler son had crawled into my bed with a fever, I held him in my arms allowing his sickness to flow into my physical being and then I released that sickness. Immediately as I was feeling so bad I noticed he popped up and went about his play. In the mid-1980s about three hours before a category 5 hurricane was scheduled to make landfall in our community I felt myself larger than life standing out in the ocean directing the flow of the storm up the coast from North Carolina to New England. The storm did not make landfall as projected, but skirted the coast until it reached the New England states. In the late 1980s a co-worker stopped by my office looking for something she could use to get rid of a headache. On the spot came the idea to ask, "If the pain in your head was an animal, what would it be?" She responded saying, "A bird". I asked, "Does that bird belong in your head?" After she told me it did not, I told her, "Open the door in your head and let him fly out". I was more than thrilled to see the smile on her face as the pain evaporated. Each person who came to me with pain had their own unique animals. I have many stories about these kinds of skills I learned to call "imaginal activity" after studying Neville.

In early 2013 I started the practice of choosing and controlling feelings with a joy vigil, which at the time of this writing, has extended from my first 100 days of joy to over 1500 days of joy. Maintaining a journal tracking my consistency in practicing joy I added several other feelings into my vigil. Through the process I developed interest in the Abraham teachings where I found excellent explanations I have since adapted these in my personal and coaching practices. Understanding more and more how feelings are the means for change is my ever-unfolding pleasure. And I delight myself in sharing what I know how to do with everyone who is interested. So if you want details of how we might serve you, feel free to click Coaching. Contact me personally by text or email if you want to talk about what interests you and how we might work together, including when you want to get started.

I certainly hope you will freely explore Indoma's Place to see what you like and test out any of the ideas to see how they fit within your wonderful adventures of the living experience.

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Neville Groups

Neville Quotes: Passages from Neville's lectures and books to inspire personal development of imaginal capacities and expansion of individual experiences leading to a life of joy, abundance and wellness.

Neville Quotes Interactive: An interactive forum for folks to discuss their reactions to Neville Quotes. 

Applying Neville: An interactive forum for folks to share processes and outcomes of experiments using concepts Neville taught. You are welcomed to present any topic.  

Beginning Neville: Interactive forum for folks to become familiar with Neville's teachings and ways to apply these teachings in daily living.

Neville Revision: Interactive forum for folks to discuss their experiences with imaginal activities - from processes to outcomes and beyond - with a focus on revision. 

Revision in the Vortex: An interactive discussional group on Facebook for integrating the teachings of Neville and Abraham

My Neville Connection

Neville - I discussed twelve (12) major concepts Neville taught leading to a most dynamic and wonderful inner life.  

Neville Based Techniques Neville Based Techniques - I presented personal experiments using techniques Neville taught.

Neville Lectures for Your Reading Pleasure - Check this link from time to time for additional lectures. See link to lecture missing from Dare To Assume Lecture Series

Dare to Assume Lecture and Workshop Series now available. I tested several concepts from each lecture and shared my experiments in written workshops. During this 2006 to 2008 project, I really enhanced my imaginal knowledge, skills and abilities.

Integrating Neville and Abraham  A series of discussions on how I have been practicing concepts I have given attention from both Neville and Abraham.




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