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Take advantage of the m any opportunities for optimal success in your business and family life.

  • We serve small business owners, startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, including college students leaning toward the business world, if you want to become a leader in your field..

  • Since business owners are family leaders, we tailor our services according to where you are in your family lifestyle developmental stage. Are you just getting started, launching from your family and establishing your independence? Are you coupling, or a newly wed? Are you having your first child? Are you a parent of infants and small children? Are you parenting adolescents? Are you launching young adults? Each stage comes with its unique stressors that could distract you and interfere with your plans for success, adversely affect your concentration, confidence and creativity.

  • We serve you with mentoring, coaching and workshops in which you empower yourself, manage stress, and enhance your skills in imagining. With Imagination you can create yourself into the experiences you want for yourself, your business and your family.

  • Our empowering servicing system comes with mental games, exercises for the mind, and bite-size mental foods and delicasies.to amplify your creative appetite. With this mental menu, you will create ideas for top winning products and services.

  • Though our subscription services, we construct your Facebook Pages, help you leverage Imagination into your unique tool to create products and services you want your clients and services to rely on. You can learn how to generate your income when you play with us on the Empowering Servicing System Facebook group style.!

  • Full-Subscriptions include Training and Coaching Small Business Owners, Training and Coaching Your Employees. These services come with Mentoring Platforms for your employees . We construct and publish short books you can use for content marketing to target markerters.

  • Your short books are from one to three page bite size mental delicacies to 100 pages your prospects can complete in less that an hour. The design is easy and relaxed reading with carefully chosen words and phrases that feel good. In these little books, we encourage readers to be aware of how they naturally interact with concepts they see, explaining how they produce chemicals in the body with each thought and emotional reaction.

  • We set up your Author's Page on Amazon for the Short Books we construct and publish for you. Also, we build your WordPress website, and provide blogging services. Additionally, we arrange for entries on your Twitter and Instagram accounts with original written and recorded materials.

  • Links to discussion groups and platforms you can use to expand your business and profits

  • and so much more...


Welcome to Indoma's Place! 

Home of the Imagination Education Institute! 

Here at Indoma's Place our only objective is that you take back your power by counterbalancing the fear-based societal programming, and reprogram the mind to approach your market with creative marketing. We intend for you to double your marketing effectiveness of your copy content overnight, and build your story around how to direct energy into your brands, ride your growth to produce a fifty times capital increase, and channel the desires of millions into your products and services and make millions./font>

We also offer services to nonprofit founders and directors. These services include grant writing and wrap-around management and fundraising. We welcome nonprofits to our training, coaching, and mentoring empowerment services. Also, you might want to check our affiliations with The Wellness Company and Amazon and track our Women's Dream Team website for updates on our marketing coaching services for women entrepreneurs.

Whether small business owners, family leaders, or nonprofits, we offer training in how to take gigantic noble powers, harness them creatively to make millions. At the same time, you bring a steady stream of fresh new solutions for the new problems customers, clients, and marketers want. You will learn how to make your own rules about checkpoints and signposts that get you to your destination with your product first. Further, you will learn how to ask the right questions that let the problem dictate the right answers. You will also learn how to apply analysis to the advertising profession for every new market and every new product. With coaching and workshops on psychographic, you will help clients and customers clarify their problems and solve both complex and bite-size problems by adding something that is common knowledge to your list.

I certainly hope you will freely explore Indoma's Place to see and test out any of the ideas to see how they fit your business and family life.

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Neville Groups

Neville Quotes: We present empowering passages from Neville's lectures and books to inspire personal development and professional development with your imaginal capacities. Practicing the concepts in these bite-size quotes, you will ignite a stream of answers and solutions that lead to happiness, joy, and ever-increasing profits. we constructed two sites for Neville quotes, You can subscribe at Neville Quotes at google groups.com and Neville Quotes on Facebook groups.

Beginning Neville: An interactive forum for folks to become familiar with the Neville teachings, You learn the basic principles and practice the art and science of revision. On this platform, you learn about the dual nature of Imagination, and train the mind to gather ideas from infinite intelligence where you apply these ideas in your personal and business life.. 

Applying Neville is located on two sites. You can subscribe at ApplyingNeville+subscribe@groups.io or on the Facebook groups platform. .In either group you can work on any concept Neville teaches, to see how well you use your perceiving senses of visualization and imagination. These interactive groups are very friendly where people readily help one another.  

Revision in the Vortex: An interactive discussional group on Facebook for integrating the teachings of Neville and Abraham. In this group, the range of topics in numberless. We discuss the sciences behind the teachings, cultivating the atmosphere for productive imaginal activity and improvement in every area of the life course..

My Neville Connection

Neville - I discussed twelve (12) major concepts Neville taught leading to a most dynamic and wonderful inner life.  

Neville Based Techniques Neville Based Techniques - I presented personal experiments using techniques Neville taught.

Neville Lectures for Your Reading Pleasure - Check this link from time to time for additional lectures. See link to lecture missing from Dare To Assume Lecture Series

Dare to Assume Lecture and Workshop Series now available. I tested several concepts from each lecture and shared my experiments in written workshops. During this 2006 to 2008 project, I really enhanced my imaginal knowledge, skills and abilities.

Integrating Neville and Abraham  A series of discussions on how I practice concepts from both Neville and Abraham.




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