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So, Let Me Tell You About My Travels

 This is Chapter 3 from the ebook, Choosing.  Choosing is Book One of three ebooks derived from The Elijah Journey.  The other two books are Cherishing My Inner Reality and Manifesting Consistently.  Translating the names of characters and locations to experiences in consciousness, I describe for you how to make the necessary choice and move forward.  

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        The passage starts where Elijah the Tishbite was a temporary resident of Gilead and Ahab was king. From there, he went to Cherith, a brook east of the river Jordan and then on to Zarephath, a city in Sidon. My travels tell about the states I enter and leave - how I move about. They tell how I move about in consciousness. My travels show where I focus my attention and what I do, my concerns and tasks. You could say it is how I move about within my energy fields. It is another way to say this is where I am in my thinking. It’s what I’m working on.

I have a mission in each location.  

Think about where are you “working” right now. Consider the zone where you are working.

           Let’s start with Elijah at Gilead. In Cherishing My Inner Reality and Manifesting Consistently you will see how he moves from place to place. Remember, each place tells us about a different zone in consciousness. Each place where I am tells something about what I am doing. I do something different at each location. I complete certain tasks at one place and other tasks in other places or zones.

            See it as rooms in your house: the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room and bathroom. It’s fairly clear that we do something different in each room. In the same way, I complete different spiritual tasks in different areas of consciousness. 

            A city, a land, or a location – each is an area in consciousness. A symbol for a zone. Each zone has a different vibration. Its name describes its vibration and tells about its energy. I usually do what the place calls for: sleep in the bedroom, cook in the kitchen, bathe in the bathroom. Thus, it is important to know the name of the place and its meaning. The meaning helps clarify the particular spiritual zone. When I identify the type of Energy I am dealing with, I am clear about the zone in which I am working.

            Gilead is a mountain. Jacob among others had camped there. A mountain is a high place. It is a high place in consciousness - a spiritual place. A place of high energy and easy flowing energy. High vibrations where we'd create the experiences of our own choices.

            Spirit dwells in the higher places in consciousness. I find Spirit when I go into the higher spiritual zones. In the spiritual zones, I focus on ideals and ideas that form the higher vibrations and let Spirit guide me. My attention on the higher ideas and ideals releases their energies. This happens when I think and speak higher ideals and higher ideas.  Each thought I think unleashes the energy that gives life to that thought. Each word I speak unleashes the energy of the idea.

            My choice is to seek Spirit – and according to spiritual law, I find Spirit because I seek Spirit. I think and speak the higher energies whose nature it is to flow toward all energy just like itself. Higher energies flow to higher energies – to Spirit.

            I interchange the terms spiritual zone, energy streams and high vibrational zones. My work is to think and speak within certain zones and to release energy from these zones so these energies may enter other zones to seek, find and reveal energy just like itself.

            Writing this book I am in one zone and energy forms the ideas I use to convey information to you. I could call it an idea zone – or a spiritual idea zone. At another time, I may focus in the health zone – think and speak health and energy forms ideas that manifest my state of health. Yet, at other times I may focus in the wealth zone and observe as energy forms ideas and persons and things and events that manifest my state of wealth. 

            If I focus in the fear zone while I think about my physical organism or about finances, I will have entered the lower and dimmer vibrational frequencies.

            Simply, I work and play with energy: I move energy from place to place. I do so with each thought I think and each word I speak. I move energy each time I write and form an image or picture of my thoughts and words. This is what I do in my inner world, my inner reality. It is what I do in energy streams or in the vibrational zone.

            To say it another way, I go into a place in consciousness to complete certain tasks. I look within, into the spiritual zone. This is where I find Spirit; I enter the spiritual zone seeking Spirit. I seek a higher place, a higher zone! I let Spirit guide me. 

            The highest energy guides me if I let it flow. I put attention on the highest ideals and ideas; I think higher energies and these energies flow and surround me. Ideals and ideals are energy forms that take shape as persons, events and things.

            I enter the spiritual zone for instruction. I enter the spiritual zone to listen and hear Spirit. I listen and then I do what Spirit shows. 

            After I receive my instructions, I shift my focus from the spiritual zone to take the action implied in the instructions. What guidance do I receive? What instructions do I obtain? How does Spirit guide and instruct? How does Energy guide and instruct?

            I’ll go to a familiar place to explain this. At a football game, your team scores a touchdown. Everyone cheers! That is, everyone paying attention to their team down on the field cheers. 

            Seeing the ball carrier run for the goal, cheers go up in a roar. The cheers are energy! The cheers form an energy stream, you flow with it as your team moves closer to the touchdown and the energy stream guides you in its flow. It has a cheering aim, a cheering focus. Those who join in to cheer match their energy with the energy of the stream. The cheering energy stream flows for a while and then it stops. 

            In the moment the cheering stops, you shift your attention to something else.  You leave that zone and enter another. 

            At the football game, I may shift my attention from what’s going on out on the field to what’s going on in the stands. I turn my attention to my friends and what we are doing in the stands.

            When I leave the spiritual zone, I shift my focus to something else. The spiritual zone is the creative zone. It is the causal zone. Leaving the spiritual or creative zone, I'd turned my attention to the world of effects. The world of effects - the world of Caesar, the world called physical reality - the outer world of matter is where I'd turn my focus. Perhaps it’s to the business of every day life. I shift my focus from spiritual reality to physical reality.  From inner reality to physical reality. From causal to results.

            When Elijah leaves Gilead, he travels to the brook Cherith. I, as Elijah, shift my attention from a high level of consciousness to move deeper, into the spiritual zone. Travel means change. I shift the focus of my attention – as I move energy from one form to another. I do this all the time. I shift my focus from one thing to another – I go from one zone to another. I do it swiftly and often without realizing it.

            While at Gilead, this higher zone, what do I hear? What do I hear in the spiritual zone? Let me be very clear. In the spiritual zone, I hear pure and clear ideas and ideals.  I hear Original Thought. These ideas and ideals form the higher vibrations. They form the higher energies that flow freely and are full of joy. 

            Spirit shows pure and clear ideas and ideals. I hear these pure and clear ideas and ideals and observe them when I give my full attention to Spirit. I focus on them with fervent intent and direct emphasis.

            In the spiritual zone, I willingly let Spirit direct me. I get caught up in the energy stream of the highest vibrations. The higher vibrations form an atmosphere. Caught up in this energy, Spirit shows what is true. 

            What is true? What is real? The highest ideals and ideas are real and true. Spirit forms images from these and I perceive these images as I focus the highest vibrations.   I perceive these as my experiences.

            Spiritual Energy flows in great abundance. It displays varying forms of ideals and ideas as I give attention with my thought and speech. Spirit identifies what is true and shows it to me. Spirit as the Universe reflects images to me in forms to match ideas and ideals to which I give attention. 

            Giving full attention and loyalty to the images Spirit shows, I continue in that energy stream. My single focus is my loyalty. It is my constant focus on the highest energies.

            Spirit always shows the highest ideals and ideals. My attention on these ideals and ideas registers as energy flowing with Spirit and is how I connect with the Universe. Spirit always responds to the energy I release and reflects it to me. Forms that reflect my energy show up.

            I choose to let Spirit guide and direct me. Why is this my choice?  Simple! I do so because I can. Notice I said here that I can let Spirit lead me.  I can seek and find Spirit in the spiritual zone. Understand that I will find Spirit only when I seek Spirit and Spirit will lead me only as I permit. 

            Only I can choose which thoughts I think! Thoughts I choose determine what I seek. My thoughts seek energy with the energy I release. I release energy as I think and speak – higher energies as I think and speak higher thoughts. Thoughts that match the higher vibrations. Or lower energies when I think and speak lower thoughts.

            Each day it is up to me to choose whether to seek Spirit and permit Spirit to guide me. Still I have another choice: I could choose to live by intellectual reasoning as I had for many years. My intellect directs me to react to what is around me. I react to what I see and hear. When I react, I think and speak about what I see and hear, as I see and hear it.

            For centuries, we called intellectual reasoning  ‘facing reality’ and ‘telling it like it is.’ To react is to think or speak about what I see and hear in physical reality. Even if I call it ‘response,’ the attention I give an event, based on what I see and hear – is the measure of my senses. I think, speak – release energy that matches the event.

            An event has its own energy.  I see it as ‘causing’ me to feel one way or another. If I like what I experience, my thoughts are favorable and I release a stream of high vibrations. If I don’t like it, my thoughts are unfavorable and the energies I unleash match the energy of the experience. By intellectual reasoning, the event drives my feelings and the energy I release. Often I call this common sense. 

            Okay, let’s look closer at Gilead. While Gilead is a mountain – a spiritual zone, an arena of high energy, it is has purpose. My purpose at Gilead is to make adjustment throughout my mind and body. I adjust my mind and body at the higher vibrations. 

            Being at Gilead means I am in the spiritual zone for a single purpose: to make changes. Here I give attention to ideas and ideals and use them to modify and fine-tune my mind and body. At this level of consciousness, I think and speak ideas and ideals to move into higher and higher energy streams. 

            I pay attention to the highest ideas and ideals to make changes in my mind and body. I think the highest ideas and ideals to alter how I use my mind and my physical organism. Thinking the highest ideas and I deals, I give a different message to my mind and physical organism and all things in my physical reality. I shift to a higher zone! I wrap a different energy around the components of my experiences. 

            A most important act each day is to ask the question -  what adjustment do I choose to make today? You may ask now if you like. What thoughts come to mind? What adjustments do you choose to make today? What decisions? 

            Notice: the I Kings passage opens with Elijah speaking to Ahab, where he gives a message to Ahab from the Lord. Think of this as a discussion between two aspects of my being: aspects Elijah and Ahab represent. The Elijah part of me speaks to the Ahab part and announces a change. 

The Lord is supreme, the most powerful God: the highest Energy. 

          Study Elijah’s life and journeys and you will see he is a willing messenger. A messenger, he chose to speak the Word of the Lord. He agreed to do so. So when he gives a message from the Lord, Elijah does so because he is willing to speak words that release the highest Energy. He is willing to think and speak the highest ideals and ideas. 

            Supreme is highest. Most powerful is highest. Lord is ruler. Image a swift and powerful energy stream, rushing along. Anything in this stream flows with it. Anything attempting to move against its flow is overpowered. 

            A message from the Lord is a swift and powerful stream of Energy flowing the highest vibrations with great intensity. See this as an image.  

            Connected to this Energy, I think the highest ideals and ideas I know. Constant attention on the highest ideas and ideals causes these energies to flow in a steady, powerful and intense stream.  

            Caught up in this stream, Energy rules my every thought.  The God-Energy flows - it is the highest energy.  My decision: to step into the flow of the highest energy.

Download this digital book NOW for only $5.95

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