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Into My Inner Reality

This is Chapter 3 from the ebook, Cherishing My Inner Reality, Book Two of three ebooks derived from The Elijah Journey.  The other two books are Choosing and Manifesting Consistently.  Translating the names of characters and locations to experiences in consciousness, I describe what to do after you make the needed choice so you can move forward.

Before I enter my Inner Reality, I instruct my intellect to be silent.  Not by saying, “Be quiet” but by acknowledging, “I will nourish you no longer.”  Simply, this means I will not give intellect the attention I had given earlier.  I’ll feed no energy to things and concerns my intellect presents.  This is not forever, just for a period.  When intellect reports a situation to me, I will accept that it exists, recognize how it came to be and pronounce its Perfection.  In this action, I neutralize it and return to the higher realms of my Inner Reality.

For example, intellect tells me, “Here is a pain.”  I will acknowledge, “Yes, I see the pain – it was created out of some hurt.  Hurt and pain create more hurt and pain.  This is exactly according to vibrational law.  Hurt and pain as an experience is fulfillment of hurt and pain derived from thoughts and feelings.  I commend you for having done such a remarkable job of creating hurt and pain.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”  Notice the feeling now.  I clarified intellect’s role and I reduced the report to what it is – a report.  The report has no power over me and I am resolved.

Having clarified intellect’s role, I am ready to move on.  I am ready to enter my Inner Reality.

So he did according to the word of the Lord; he went and dwelt by the brook Cherith, that is east of Jordan.  And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning and bread and flesh in the evening, and he drank of the brook.

After a while the brook dried up, because there was no rain in the land.  And the word of the Lord came to him, Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there.  Behold, I have commanded a widow there to provide for you.

1 Kings 17 4-9 (Amp.)

Now that I, my Spiritual Self – a spiritual being, silenced intellect, what shall I do? 

My instructions are to leave Gilead and turn east to hide myself by the brook Cherith, east of the Jordan.  I am now operating as a spiritual being.

First, I’d leave Gilead.  Recall from the ebook, Choosing, Gilead is a city at the top of a mountain.  It is a place of higher consciousness.  I am already operating in the higher vibrational frequencies.  Think of Elijah and what that name means.  Remember, we are talking about the spiritual being – my spiritual being.  My Spiritual Self. 

Aware of self as a spiritual being, I shift attention to the higher frequencies – and each time I think of myself as a spiritual being, I shift into the higher vibrational frequencies.  Aware of self as a spiritual being and willing to be instructed, I am on the mountain top.  I am in the higher realms.

I sometimes call this the spiritual zone.  Whatever, I communicate with my intellect in this zone where I am the authority.  In this zone I make the decision to operate as my Spiritual Self.  I make it clear to myself that I chose to live and operate with joy and enthusiasm, and to give full attention to the highest energies.  I make the choice to dwell in the highest vibrational frequencies.  

My decision allows me to shift and adjust.  My decision brings change and sets a new experience in motion.  I make the decision with each experience that comes before me.  I choose to operate as a spiritual being rather than personal self Ego through intellect.

The passage from 1 Kings tells me, the spiritual being, to leave Gilead and turn east.  East of Jordan.  What does it mean to turn east? 

To turn east is to turn within.  To look within self.  Within the Spiritual Self.  The command is to go to the brook Cherith.  What is this?  The brook Cherith? 

The brook Cherith is a life current, the subjective life current.  As a life current, it flows in and through individual consciousness.  What’s a subjective life current? 

A flow of life within me!  A subjective life current forms my Inner Being.  I call this life current my IB.  My IB is the highest energy within me, the purest – highest that operates within me with its own life force!  My Christ Self!  The mind of Christ.  The flow of Energy of the mind of Christ flowing in and through me.

This life current forms a flow of ideas and ideals deep within my being.  Its flow is entirely subjective, that is, it is at the depths of my being and it is yields only to Spirit.  Ideas and ideals, so deep within me, take shape as I give attention.  I direct the flow of ideas with my thinking and detect the flow with my feelings.

Okay, we see the brook Cherith.  What about the Jordan?  After all, the brook Cherith is east of the Jordan. 

The Jordan is the life flow of thought running through my subconscious.  Flowing water implies life flow. 

Here I meet the results of my thoughts face to face.  I meet outcomes of my focused energy - within my memories.  Where do I keep my memories? 

You know already – in the subconscious.  The subconscious is the mind of the memory, the seat of the memory – where my memory resides.  My subconscious – the Jordan - contains the life flow of my memories. My memories hold my habits and it holds past thoughts of experiences.  The subconscious, the storehouse of my habits, of my past thoughts and experiences is the life flow of my thought.  A vital part of my being.

The Jordan is where my bodily functions are regulated.  Over time, I fed thoughts into my subconscious – with reactions to experiences in physical reality.  There  I planted ideas with both free-flowing energy and blocking energy. I surrounded ideas with energy from the higher vibrational frequencies and from the lower frequencies.  In my subconscious these thoughts became habits of thinking and feeling and set my body functions in motion. 

The brook Cherith is east of the Jordan.  East of the Jordan is an even deeper part of self,  deeper than my memories.  A place deep within self where I drink – a place from which I drink.  I take in, from this brook, what I require – what I need so I may live and move and have my being as my spiritual self.  As a spiritual being.

My life current, symbolized by the brook Cherith, flows deeper than my memories: my memories are close to the surface.  My memories are close to physical reality, many came from experiences in physical reality.  Easily triggered by experiences as I face them – these are intellectual and sensual things. 

From all I knew, memories, I used to form beliefs and shape my physical reality.  Automatic and without thinking of the energy back of them, I formed experiences automatically.  Sometimes I call this by default.

Turning to the east means I look within. I give attention to ideas and ideals to form my experiences.  In temporary residence at Gilead I made the change.  I shifted my focus, made the decision and moved to the place where I allow my life current to flow – so I see it.

Such a privilege, now that I chose to live as my spiritual self.  At the brook I do the work which that comes with that choice.  Spirit tells me to hide by the brook Cherith and drink from that brook. 

To hide is to surround self with something.  I surround myself with something.  I cover myself – to keep secret and safe. 

In this temporary place, the brook Cherith, I am out of sight.  No others are here.  Only my Inner Being and I.  Here, I surround myself with a steady flow of ideas and ideals I find deep within.  I drink from the brook – I take in what I require to fill and sustain myself.  In this place I commune directly with my Christ Self and learn.

Ideas and ideals are energy – energy formed in the higher vibrational frequencies.  I surround myself with energy of ideas and ideals formed in HVF.

The brook Cherith, beyond the Jordan, is where I  go deeper than my memory.  I move beyond memories and habits and beliefs.  I pay attention to ideas formed in the deeper and higher realms.  I cherish ideals far above and greater than any thoughts and experiences I had ever known.  I pay attention to pure ideas and ideals.

Perfect Love and Perfect Wisdom are pure ideas and these represent absolute principles.  Perfect Health and Perfect Wealth are pure ideas and signify wholeness. I observe images which convey these ideas and surround myself with the essence of these ideals.  I relax with these images and feel them – feel their presence consciously.

It is my joy to do this.  I direct my interest to a place very deep within my being.  My attention is where the highest beliefs are formed – seeing ideals and ideas of a deeper and greater nature than I knew existed.  I think about the highest ideas and ideals I know and observe as these and greater than these flow to me.  These ideas and ideals, beyond my memory, are beyond what I learned through my traditions.  

Where is this place? 

It is where Spirit dwells.  My IB dwells here. 

Take a moment. See deeper than your memories and habits.  Look beyond your experiences and your traditions.  Dare to look into the life current – and drink from it.  The life current flows deep within you.  Ask your Inner Being to show Itself to you.  And it will!

Look at your experiences and traditions, yes, see conditions of physical reality you encounter every day and then look to a deeper place within these to see the life current which flows here.  Spirit dwells within all that exists; and that includes our experiences and traditions.  What we see at the surface and in our memory is how we interpreted these with our intellects and senses.  At this deepest level, we will see these in their ideal state – if we choose to see the higher vibrations in form.  All we have to do is ask Inner Being to show these as they really are.

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