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Lecture #421 by Neville - 06/15/1970

This excerpt from the written workshop focused on believing. 

“Our God is in the heavens,” and we are told that, “Heaven is within you,” in the 17th chapter of the book of Luke, “God is within you” (Luke 17:21). If He is within me, what in me does anything that it pleases? Nothing but my imagination! I can imagine anything in the world. The most incredible thing, I can imagine, but as man, one condition is imposed upon me: I must believe it.

To believe is to live as though the thing you are considering is an established fact. It is essential that you’d live as though your imaginings are established facts. So I invite you to look at imagination as images in action. Each time you’d imagine a thing, you had set an image in motion.

So, you had decided to be the foremost authority in your field. In this way, you could give maximum expression to your attributes. Let’s say you are a personal coach. Live as though your numerous clients demonstrate the most magnificent abilities each day because they utilized your services as their personal coach. Look into your inner world and see their reports to you of their progress. Their progress shows you are the foremost personal coach. List accomplishments they reported.

The image in motion or in action is a fact. That you see it with your mind’s eye or touch it with the hands you see with your mind’s eye or hear it with the ears of your mind, makes it real – just as real and factual as any things you saw with your physical eyes or touched with your physical hands or heard with your physical ears.

What items would you touch or hold in your hands that validate you as the foremost personal coach?

Heaven, which is within you, is your inner world. That God is in the heavens tells you that God is in your inner world. God is every image that would ever appear in your inner world and is any action you would take with any image.

All items you listed as attributes for your position as the foremost personal coach are among the images that God is. Look at these now and think of them in terms of being God, being expressions or images of God. Describe how you feel knowing this is the truth about your attributes.

Recognize the power of imagination as God. Recognize the power of images in action as God. Live as though it is an established fact that the power of images in action is God. What images are you seeing in action right now?

Recognize imagination as the creative power of the Universe. Recognize images in action as the creative power of the Universe. Live as though it is an established fact that the images you see in action are the creative power of the Universe. What images in action are now creating something for you? What are they creating?

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