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SPIRITUAL LIFESTYLE: Shows you what I used as a Springboard into the Spiritual Lifestyle, how my Faith evolved - it's not what we learned by our traditions.  See the pages on The Light, Shifts in the Spiritual Lifestyle and the great step forward as I became acquainted with the Invisible Force of the Universe. Among the shifts, I look at weight, school violence, and wild fires to see what these events tell us about ourselves. Also, I look at spirituality in the workplace and the workplace in spirituality. Then, I invite you to walk in the Spirit!

SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS: Contains Financial Secrets, my exploration on the Millionaire Mission as well as a FREE on-line workshop "What's In Your Heavenly Account?"

FAMILY LIFESTYLE:  Whether a family of one, one with furry and feathered companions, with children or adjusting after divorce and separation, the family lifestyle is where we devote much of our energy.  Here, join in exploring issues and resolutions.

TRIBES Scouting in the Promised Land: My pivotal book from which numerous other books evolved.  It was through TRIBES that I found how energy works and made vast leaps in my knowing.  See available workshops derived from TRIBES.

ENERGY, VIBRATIONS AND US:  My early work with Energy.

THE ENERGY GAME:  A breakthrough to energy work, showing how precise it is.  Think of it as work because of its adherence to law, but think of it as a game when you start seeing how you create your experiences!

Joyous Celebration:  A series of articles that form the foundation for a discussion group at Yahoo.  Released energy of Joyous Celebration returns with ideas, persons, events and things about which to celebrate.

OPTISCAL: An instrument I share with you - that you may use it to move energy. See see how receptive you are to your desires.  See book by the same title.

ASTROLOGY: In year 2000, I shifted in my perspective, coming to terms that this study is a map, showing the energies that formed the atmosphere for us as we came into the world of Caesar to carry out out missions. Joy is the mission!

OUR CATALOG OF BOOKS AND WORKBOOKS: See our booklist.  Watch the changes here as I complete the work and get the books into publication.

SHIFTS:  These begin with articles I wrote in 2001 and beyond.

EARLIER THOUGHT:  I wrote these in year 2000.  Here you can see how my notions have changed in just one year.

FAMILY SYSTEMS INSTITUTE:  Descriptions of services I provide to the community of families and professionals who also serve families.

MEDITATING WITH INDOMA:  Many have told me how much this section has been helpful - just coming down to a state of gentle relaaxation.

UNIQUE POETRY BY NEETA:  In December 2000 through early February 2001 a dear friend and I played around with a variety of poetic styles.  I really enjoyed this experience and just want to share it with you.

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