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Your Wealth Increases by The Hour

Glimpse into Your Wealth Increases By The Hour, see the table of contents from this wonderful book.  Then choose if you want to see more.

Wealth! Abundance! Prosperity!

Changing to Your Real Self: To A Person of Wealth

The Perpetual Prosperity Pledge

Table of Contents

Part I: Establishing Perpetual Prosperity


Assignment One-1: Inventory Your Current Situation

Assignment Two-1: Determine Changes You Want

Assignment Three-1: Give Form to Your Desires

Assignment Four-1: Give Substance to Your Desire

Assignment Five-1: Contemplate Divine Substance

Assignment Six-1: Remove Barriers to Your Abundance

Assignment Seven-1: Clarify Your Relationship with Your Source

Assignment Eight-1: Develop a New Relationship with Your Source

Assignment Nine-1: Examine Rules of Prosperity

Assignment Ten-1: Clarify the Realm of Prosperity

Assignment Eleven-1: Determine That You Deserve Abundance

Assignment Twelve-1: Be Content with Your Situation

Part II: Maintaining Perpetual Prosperity


Assignment One-2: Be Eager to Get Started

Assignment Two-2: Be Ready to Receive Everything

Assignment Three-2: Ask, And It Will Be Given to You!

Assignment Four-2: The Key to all Good is Within You

Assignment Five-2: You Will Find What You Look For

Assignment Six-2: Give Thanks In Advance

Assignment Seven-2: Identify Your Precious Treasures

Assignment Eight-2: Share Generously with Others

Assignment Nine-2: Look to Many Different Channels

Assignment Ten-2: Take Your Example from Nature

Assignment Eleven-2: Fill Your Mind with Enriching Ideas

Assignment Twelve-2: Add to the Prosperity of Others with Acts of Kindness

Part III: Moving Forward with Perpetual Prosperity


Assignment One-3: Let Go Any Thoughts of Limitation and Lack

Assignment Two-3: Call Forth Supply to Fill the Need

Assignment Three-3: Open the Doors of Abundance

Assignment Four-3: Look for New Awareness of Abundance

Assignment Five-3: Accept Prosperity with Joy

Assignment Six-3: Capture New Opportunities

Assignment Seven-3: Express Gratitude for the Prosperity in Your Life

Assignment Eight-3: Listen for Guidance

Assignment Nine-3: Unlock the Door of Abundance

Assignment Ten-3: Recognize How Past Needs were Met

Assignment Eleven-3: Take Loving and Direct Action

Assignment Twelve-3: Celebrate Your Abundance

Conclusion and Future Considerations  


From page 3:

The assignments are very simple.  All you will have to do is take the actions suggested with each assignment.  Complete each assignment and derive full benefit.  Achieve your status of a person of wealth.  If you believe you are ready for the change that is in front of you, we invite you to take on your first assignment.

Assignment One-1

Inventory Your Current Situation

Perpetual prosperity is defined as total fulfillment in all areas of your life.  In this program we will look at twelve areas of the life experience.  These include 

  • personal well-being, including self-concept

  • resources and communication  

  • family life

  • creativity, including romance and fun

  • responsibilities or employment

  • intimate relationships 

  • commitments  

  • understanding based on laws and principles  

  • your position or prominence 

  • friendships  

  • self-evaluation 

You may notice that among these areas are tangible and concrete areas and there are intangible areas.  In the tangible areas, you can measure very clearly the extent to which you are experiencing fulfillment.  In the tangible areas, you can attach numbers to the items.  In the intangible areas, the extent of your fulfillment is based on the joy and satisfaction you feel.  In the intangible areas, you either feel joy and satisfaction or you feel discontent and dissatisfaction.

To complete your first assignment, we want you to conduct an inventory in each area of your life experience to determine if you have the amounts of tangible abundance your desire and if you feel joy and satisfaction about the intangible abundance.   From the areas listed above, in what life situations do you have what you want?

In what areas do you feel the most joy and satisfaction? 1setstats

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