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What's In Your Heavenly Account

The Workbook

To The Reader

Use this workbook to augment your experience with the book, “What’s In Your Heavenly Account.”  Throughout this workbook, you will see statements referring to “the book.”  I am speaking about my book, “What’s In Your Heavenly Account.”  Each chapter title in the workbook is essentially the same as in the book.  In the workbook, we take you with us to the next level.  Use this workbook liberally.  With it, you have the opportunity to excel and prosper beyond your greatest imagined actions!

Since writing What’s In Your Heavenly Account, we uncovered vital information not presented before – and in ways not seen earlier.  Yet, these processes have been around for eons.  It’s as though they had lain waiting for us to discover them.  Really these processes had been asleep within us, waiting for us to awaken and use them.

So I invite you to use them now.  Make use of them every day.  Form these into your habits of doing and being.  You’ll like your results!  You’ll like the outcomes of your work and play!

In this workbook, you will see reference to energy and vibrations as well as high vibrational frequencies (HVF) and low vibrational frequencies (LVF).  You will also see a description of –fold.  In addition, you will see references to your Inner Reality and physical reality. 

Your Inner Reality is your inner world – the spiritual or unseen realm.  It is the realm of your imagination – where your subjective or causal mind operates.  Physical reality is the reality you measure with your senses (eyes, ears, nose, etc.) and intellect.  Your carnal mind operates in physical reality.

When we wrote, “What’s In Your Heavenly Account” in 1999, we were of the opinion that –fold was calculated by simple multiplication.  The Scriptures refer to increase in terms of 7-fold, 30-fold, 60-fold and 100-fold.  Still many who teach about –fold use simple multiplication to illustrate what you can expect.  Spirit showed me a different way to calculate this process. 

I’ll tell you now – when you see the figures, you will be utterly astounded.   We calculated –fold as we present it to you here since year 2000 according to the guidance of Spirit.  We included these calculations when we revised “What’s In Your Heavenly Account.”

Know it, please that Spirit consistently gave me new understandings.  From the time I became consciously aware that I could ask Spirit to guide me, the understandings I gained were Truth, expressed according to where I operated.  In other words, I received what I could grasp. I call these understandings new unfoldments of knowing.  

The –fold process was expressed as simple multiplication in the book, and is expressed as an exponential process here.  To multiply –fold is the same as counting seeds in the apple and multiplying the apples.  This gives an idea of the number of seeds you have in your account.  To calculate –fold as an exponential shows the promises of God as infinite and uncountable.

Throughout this workbook, we ask you to take certain actions. These actions lead to greater expressions of power you already possess.  You had likely taken these same actions in other venues – so you will feel familiar with the essences.  Now you may do the same right where you are. 

One action we recommend is that you make a contract.  You may use the model we give of my contract.  The power of your contract will astonish you!

This workbook is for your personal use.  Write in it.  Use the backs of the pages to make notes as you see fit.  That’s why we left them blank.  Draw sketches if you wish – especially if that helps you grasp the images we speak about.

Understand the one prevailing rule underlying the aspect of your spiritual growth as presented here – do every thing with joy.  Do it with joyous delight!  So today, we encourage you – have fun with your Heavenly Account.  It is yours to do with, as you desire!


My custom was and still is to ask Spirit, whom I often refer to as my Inner Being when I need to know something.  Whatever I ask Spirit, Spirit shows.  Spirit reveals what I ask in ways I can understand.  As my understanding increases, that which Spirit reveals increases also.  This is only to say – what I understood about my heavenly account in 1999 differs somewhat from what I understand about it in 2003 and I expect to have an even greater understanding of it in 2008 and beyond. 

I wanted to know about the heavenly account and I wanted to know and understand how the heavenly account works when I first wrote What’s In Your Heavenly Account.  I wrote the initial version of the book in slightly fewer than 30 days.  I’ll tell you right now: I wrote what I got from Spirit – and please know it was at the level of my understanding at the time.  In that version, heavy in religious language, my explanation of increase was consistent with what other speakers had begun to present.  As I wrote, I’d talk with my friend about what had come.  After a while, she pointed out a gap of three to four weeks between hearing information I presented to her and hearing certain speakers present when their shows aired.  It appeared we were on the same or certainly parallel paths.  We were getting pretty much the same thing and we were interpreting it in similar ways.

Understand this about your heavenly account: it belongs to you and is in your Inner Reality.  You can see it and when you operate as a spiritual being – that is, an energy being or a vibrational being – you can see yourself operating in your Inner Reality.  As a spiritual being, you are a causal being – which means you cause what happens in your physical reality by actions you take in your Inner Reality.  Remember, only you can access your Inner Reality.

Throughout this workbook, I refer to energy. Know that I am talking about spiritual.  When I refer to vibrations, I am talking about spiritual.  Pay attention to the numbers we present – and use them to your advantage.  See them.  Play with them.  Do something with them and watch what unfolds for you.

You can see energy move and you can feel the release of Energy as it flows – you can feel its vibrations.  This is part of your power and part of your possessions.  Pay attention to what you feel as you take the actions we recommend and see what unfolds for you. 

Consider this an adventure and enjoy every moment!  Discover again what is in your heavenly account – at a deeper and greater level than you did when you read the book.  Practice kingdom economics and make it your lifestyle.  Stir your heavenly account into action and withdraw from it what you desire.  Most of all, maintain your account with joy and delight – because it belongs to you.

One factor controls what happens as you operate in your Inner Reality to access your heavenly account: you have according to your belief.  If you believe it, you shall have it.  By the same token, if you doubt it, you shall find reasons to doubt it.  Understand now that to believe is its own reality.  A belief has its own energy that travels across the Universe to bring to you whatever supports and sustains it.  A doubt has its own energy that travels across the Universe to bring to you whatever supports and sustains it. 

It is not a matter of believing or doubting what I say – once you read them, you give the ideas you read your reality.  These become your ideas – you have custody of these ideas, to do with as you will.  So believe them and they will operate for you.  Doubt them and they cannot operate for you.  It’s that simple.

The workbook is self-explanatory and you can easily follow the instructions for your work on your Heavenly Account. You could utilize insider coaching - the coach who originated the tool monitors your progress for a period. For details on how to arrange for insider coaching regarding your Heavenly Account, click here

Table Of Contents

    To The Reader


    What’s In Your Heavenly Account?

    Spiritual Economics

    You Have A Heavenly Account

    Stir Your Account Into Action

    To Withdraw From Your Account

    Okay!  Let’s See What You Have

    Maintain Your Heavenly Account

    Living by Spiritual Economics

    Declarations Every Day With Every Word

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