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Optimal Supervision

A 4-session private workshop for supervisors and managers

A supervisor, authority was delegated to you over a division of your company or organization. You are in charge of a workforce and that portion of the workplace to which you and your team are assigned. You have to make sure your your workforce carries out the actions that fulfill the mission of your company. You are aware of the mission and your part in it. 

The people you supervise vary according to skills, needs, personality and numerous other factors. Regardless of how they came to the company, they are now under your charge. You are the power of your division. The success of your division is in your hands. This is an awesome responsibility!

This workshop is designed generically to walk you through drills where you take full charge of your division - and maintain control over all aspects of your division. See the areas we cover in each of the four sessions listed below.

You are aware of all aspects of your division - the goals, your workforce, resources you have available and more. And you know where you stand right now. The areas where you excel and areas where you want to see improvement. Knowing your company and your division, we look forward to hearing how you prefer we customize this workshop so you excelled in all areas and you are known as the optimal supervisor.

Of particular significance is your capacity to bring any so-called difficult workers in line with the vision you have for your division. In this workshop we walk you through steps where any issues with staff are offset and turned around for the highest benefit to all and for all.

You are the power over all aspects of the division delegated to your authority. In our work together we walk you through steps to teach yourself to exercise your authority consistent with the greatest integrity and for mutual benefit for all who are involved in any way with your division. So, are you ready to get started? 


  • Set the Atmosphere for Your Division

  • Manage Your Division from Your Position of Power

  • Establish A Highly Productive Workforce


  • Set the Workplace Atmosphere Daily

  • Establish the Highly Prized Effectiveness Program

  • Establish Your Expertise in the Company or Organization


  • Set the Atmosphere for Harmony in the Workplace

  • Establish Optimal Teamwork Within the Division

  • Enhance Inter-Departmental Teamwork 


  • Neutralize the Impact of Difficult Workers on Divisional Productivity
  • Enhance Worker Attitudes Toward Workplace Harmony
  • Work on Behalf of Individual Workers

Arrange for this workshop today! Retain our coaching services and set the time and days we work together.

  • Workshop Fee: $525

  • To Register, pay Retainer of $150 (through PayPal) 

  • PayPal will bill you for the balance of $375.00

Subscription Name: Optimal Supervisor
Reference Number: OS312-4

For details to get started, contact Neeta Blair, Ph.D.

Or telephone us at 910 455 7870

(When you call, please leave a message if we are not immediately available. We return calls to personal telephone numbers.)


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