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Spreading Joy

Recently I was asked how could a person make donations. After thinking about it, I recalled that I had received Love Offerings over the years from persons who told me they benefited from materials they had read on Indoma's Place or on any of the groups where I'd written. So, yes, I am a gracious receiver. Giving and receiving is being in the flow. This allows completion in the transaction of mutual benefit.

One person who has shared her bounty with me called it Spreading Joy: the basis for the name of this page. I like it that she calls it Spreading Joy because I know it is "happy money". I like "happy money".

I practice the law of sowing and reaping and because I do, for persons who honor me by sharing their Joy, I recognize the returns of 7-fold a dollar for the gift. In other words, I acknowledge I had received the gift with an announcement to the Joy Spreader of the cash available balance in their Inner Bank Account.

Why do I do this? I want everyone who shares their joy with me to know they had tapped into a wealth consciousness, and their gifts had triggered the release of greater and greater wealth to them.

Why do I use the returns of 7-fold a dollar? This is the consciousness level where I currently operate. When I've expanded my consciousness level to a higher range, I will be able to recognize it. I calculated up to 30-fold a penny, but I am yet to grasp those numbers. I look forward to it, however.

Just to let you know: 7-fold a dollar is $5,040.00. This means your cash available balance is $5,040 for each dollar you used to spread joy in the spirit of mutual benefit. 

Understand this, if you will. Most items on Indoma's Place are available to you free of charge. However, I realized after working with myself activating the concept and consciousness of a lavish, steady dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit, I had to at least give you the opportunity to participate in a tangible way when you had derived benefit from materials here at Indoma's Place. You do not have to take part in this exchange. But you get the chance to do so and set up the atmosphere for greater and greater benefits for yourself.

So if it is your desire to do so, just click the button below and complete the exchange of mutual benefit- Item # Mutual Benefit-7 signifying your 7-fold returns.


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