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Welcome to the Spirit News Network

Visit this page often to find the news!

We are using this page to bring you news from Spirit. We invite you to email your news stories - stories you got from Spirit. Let us know what you heard from Spirit, especially related to stories we reported here.

Just so you know, all the news from Spirit is good news. Certain stories come straight from the Scriptures, telling about you. Other stories show situations changed after annulling the impact of universal beliefs. Through Christ in you - Awakened Imagination - we all individually and collectively cushion the blows of the world. 

You Already Possess It All

News Flash!!! The entire creation belongs to you! The whole of creation belongs to you and is waiting for you to possess it. As the righteousness of ....

Identification Required

News Flash!!! Regard no one from the human point of view, including yourself. Regard everyone by their true identity - you are a spiritual being. The experiences you call human are...

You Have the Right Stuff

News Flash!!! Awareness of who you are is the first step to being right and having the right stuff. It's called righteousness and it is yours. Being in Christ is being the Image that acts, Awakened Imagination. Awakened, you are the righteousness of God. The gift of righteousness came...

The Answer is "Yes"

News Flash!!! Did you get the notice? When circumstances said, "No!" and people said, "No!" the Father said, "Yes!!!" And you did not do a thing to deserve it. You never have to do any thing to deserve a gift. A gift is always freely given when you...

Your Ticket to Perpetual Success

News Flash!!! This notice to all who accepted the gifts of grace and righteousness is your ticket to perpetual success. All who received grace and the gift of righteousness shall...

Rule by Joy

News Flash!!! The joy of the LORD is your strength. Joy is a power and it is your power. On the energy ladder, joy radiates light at 540 watts and in one focused thought of joy you override... 

The Law In Effect

News Flash!!! Most people on the planet are currently living under a law that is outdated and was replaced years and years ago. They are operating as though the law that replaced it did not exist. Basically, just a few know this law. If you are among those who... 

You Are The One He Loves

News Flash!!! From the moment you identified yourself as Awakened Imagination, the Image that acts, you became favored of the LORD. You became the one...

No Longer the Right to Exist

News Flash!!! From a single action you'd take today, problems, concerns, and the impact of universal beliefs lose the right to exist in your world and you can shout a joyous "Thank you, Father". To take this action, you must have formed...

No Fault

News Flash!!! This is the best news ever! No fault in held against you! Regardless of what you had done, no fault is held against you.

Likely you asked, "What's the catch?"

Yes, there is a catch. There is no...

Let us know your experiences after getting the news from Spirit. Email us.

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