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A 4-session tele-workshop for 4 participants

Recently I reviewed the agenda for education set by the governor of North Carolina. The goals were simply stated and are easily achieved. In this Ready, Set, Go plan, she listed the following goals:

Ready - Increasing the number of studentts who can read, write and do math by the end of third grade.

Set - Increasing the number of studentts that perform at or above grade level.

Go - Increasing the number of studentts taking college credit courses in high school; graduating from high school; going to college; and completing their degree from a community college, college or university.

Of what value or advantage would it be for you personally if your students performed at levels you chose for them? What if your students performed at levels of excellence? What if their performance was consistently above grade level? Would this be of any advantage to you and your school?

Do at least three (3) co-workers share the dream of having students who performed at levels of excellence while in your classes?

If you knew you and three (3) co-workers could work together to achieve this goal, would you participate?  

As teacher, without regard to the state or region in the country where you teach, you think and speak about your students day in and day out. By habit, your thoughts were generally based on the performance and behaviors your students expressed. With your senses and reasoning, you shaped your opinions. Dealing with your students like this continually feeds the same performance and behaviors. Yet you have the capacity to turn it around. The capacity is your very own powerful imagination. 

Understand this: when you thought of your students, you played out images in your mind of their behaviors and performance. Your powerful imagination was at work setting up and reinforcing expectations. You formed a conception of your students and they lived up or down to your expectations. Do a quick mental check and you will see they did pretty much what you expected of them.

In the workshop, the major objective is that you'd form a new conception of your students, giving them a new set of expectations. You'll see how you had used these same skills in your mind many times. Each time you had to handle new tasks - from learning to ride a bicycle to playying a new piece on the piano to going shopping after you calculated the new raise to new teaching methods or orienting a new student to your classes, you played out the new task in your mind. You formed a conception of the task and saw it play out in your every day experiences. In this instance, you'd play out scenes so your students performed at higher and higher levels of excellence.

In this tele-workshop, we work together to establish the level of performance you chose to see in your students and to give you prompts that enabled you to keep the feeling of your success with your students alive in your consciousness. All your work is done in the privacy of your mind - all the work goes on in your mind. 

You'll be able to use the skills you activated during the workshop in any situations for years and years and years. Just as you are now using the skills of recognizing the letters of the alphabet so many years ago, you expanded on those skills and have used them all throughout your life course. It is the same with the skills of consciously using your capacity to move your attention for the success of your students.

Advantages of participating in the workshop with co-workers:

In that you and three (3) co-workers participated in the workshop at the same time, you are aware of the same concepts and drills and have opportunity to talk with each other about your progress and challenges. You are able to prompt each other and of course share in your successes. It is so wonderful to talk with others about this work - and by participating together, you have a built in support system.

Optional Services

In addition to the live session, we could record the workshop and make it available to you for download, giving you opportunity to listen to the drills again and again. Also, we could set up a special interactive discussion group via internet for your continual support. In other words, let us know you'd like to have the workshop recorded and/or participate in an internet discussion group: these are optional. Only participants in your workshop have access to the recording and the discussion group - to maintain your privacy.

No additional fees are charged for the mp3 of the workshop and discussion group. 

So, review the list below to see what we do in the tele-workshop. Notice how easy your work is. All you have to do is listen and hear the drills we crafted especially for you and observe the images playing out in your mind. The workshop is interactive so you have opportunity for questions. We ask questions to you to make sure you had moved your attention in ways that brought results you wanted in your mind. 

The results in the world around you, including in your classroom are automatic from the moment you got the results you wanted in your mind. Any outcomes that differed from the results you had chosen show distractions you could easily eliminate - and the capacity to eliminate distractions are among skills you activate in this workshop.

In our work together, we move you through drills where you

  • Identified performance goals for your students

    • Academic performance

      • mathematics

      • science

      • technology

      • engineering

      • all or any subjects you teach

    • Behavior and conduct

  • Activated the consciousness of expressed student excellence

  • Established your capacity to consciously move your attention to excellence expressed by your students

  • Set up processes to resolve challenges and/or distractions assuring your continual success with your students

  • Exercised your capacity to keep the feeling of your success with your students alive and growing in your consciousness

  • Practiced seeing your students performed at levels of excellence you chose

  • Practiced reactions to your students' performance keeping the excellence levels alive and growing

  • Set up strategies for mutual support among workshop participants

Arrange this tele-workshop for yourself and co-workers at your school to set up an immediate support system in this wonderful work. Together we work together met the objectives of this workshop in four sessions. 

Our usual fee of $175.00 per session is reduced significantly for groups of four (4) on the tele-workshop. The individual investment for four enrolled in this workshop is $45.00 per session - $180.00 for all four sessions for each participant. If you'd like to enroll more than four (4) in the workshop, please contact me for the rates.

Workshop Fee for four (4) participants:  $720.00

To set up your tele-workshop, contact Neeta Blair, Ph.D. by phone or email to arrange times and dates of sessions and to complete fee arrangements. When arrangements are completed, we send the phone number and access code for the sessions along with dates and times agreed for the sessions. 

Item Name: Optimal Teacher Tele-Workshop for 4 participants
Item Number: OTT-11510 (4)
Price: $720.00

For details on how to get started, contact Neeta Blair, Ph.D.

Or telephone us at 910 455 7870

(When you call, please leave a message if we are not immediately available. We return calls to personal telephone numbers.)


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